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13 thoughts on “Corrections”

    1. Tara–
      I’ve finally been able to find that Bernita Hepler did not actually graduate with her sister in 1929. The yearbook lists her along with 32 others, but the Bremen Enquirer on May 16, 1929 says only 32 graduated and lists all but Bernita. She is also not listed among graduates of 1930.

      The yearbooks are created at the beginning of the year, and some students end up dropping out or being ineligible to graduate.

      Of course, if the family actually has her diploma, that would indicate that the newspaper made a mistake, but that’s the best record we have right now.

  1. Hi, Tara, I see both Bernita and Juanita Hepler in the 1929 yearbook. Please e-mail your contact info to I’ll forward the request to the school. They need to research and approve any additions to the official list of graduates, and they may need to contact you directly.

  2. Meghan Suzanne Siroky class of 2003, married Wesley Allen Atkins class of 2004… new name Atkins 🙂


    He is also a Town Police officer and I work for the school if that makes a difference!

  3. I have a number of corrections for the Rowe family.

    Curtis Rove should be Curtis Rowe.

    Linda Rove should be Linda Rowe with a married name of Lisk.

    Cynthia Rowen should be Cynthia Rowe with a married name of Cinal.

    Lisa Rowe from 1982 has a married name of Scott. I’m not aware of a Lisa Rowe, at least in my Rowe family, that graduated in 1988.

    Diana Rowe has a married name of Schoof.

    Olive Young had a married name of Rowe.

    Mary Young had a married name of Cripe.

    1. Just noticed a few corrections.

      Curtis Rove (misspelled in both columns) should be Curtis Rowe.

      Linda Rove (misspelled in only last name column) should be Linda Rowe.


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