BHS graduates with last names starting with Z

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ClassDisplay NameLast NameFirst NameMarried NameNotes
1996 Oleg Zakusilov Zakusilov Oleg
1993 Steve Zbieranski Zbieranski Steve
1993 Susan Kay Zeiger Zeiger Susan Kay
2013 Timothy John Zeiger Zeiger Timothy John
1991 Lisa Marie Zeiger Zeiger Lisa Marie
1989 Victor Zeiger Zeiger Victor
1973 Martha Zeiger Zeiger Martha
1970 John Zeiger Zeiger John
1985 Ulrich Zeller Zeller Ulrich foreign exchange student - DJ
1902 Charles Zellers Zellers Charles watch factory, Canton, OH - 1908 yb; business, Limon, CO - 1912 yb
2015 Jeffery Zellmer Zellmer Jeffery A
2009 Jessica Zellmer Zellmer Jessica Elizabeth
2013 Reid Michael Zellmer Zellmer Reid Michael
2014 Ryan Zellmer Zellmer Ryan M
1988 Christopher Zellmer Zellmer Christopher
1988 Cary Zellmer Zellmer Cary
1984 Lauri Zellmer Zellmer Lauri
1982 Stephen Zellmer Zellmer Stephen
2008 Renee Ann Zeltwanger Zeltwanger Renee Ann
2008 Jill Nicole Zeltwanger Zeltwanger Jill Nicole
2009 Tom Zeltwanger Zeltwanger Thomas Carl
2009 Eric Zeltwanger Zeltwanger Eric Carl
2010 Anna Zeltwanger Zeltwanger Anna Kristin
2013 Joseph Zeltwanger Zeltwanger Joseph
2006 Robert Zeltwanger Zeltwanger Robert William
1988 Matthew Zeltwanger Zeltwanger Matthew
1986 Jelayne Zeltwanger Zeltwanger Jelayne
1979 Stephen Zeltwanger Zeltwanger Stephen
1978 Ronald Zeltwanger Zeltwanger Ronald
1949 June Zentz Zentz June
1947 Richard Zentz Zentz Richard
1932 Robert Zentz Zentz Robert Bremen, IN - 1933 yb
1924 Harold Zentz Zentz Harold
1987 Heather Zentz Zentz Heather
1976 Ronald Zentz Zentz Ronald
1976 Donald Zentz Zentz Donald
1973 Sharon Zentz Zentz Sharon
1960 Tony Gene Zentz Zentz Tony Gene
1963 Tom Zentz Zentz Tom
1969 Susan Zentz Zentz Susan
1956 John Zentz Zentz John
1955 Jack Zentz Zentz Jack
1970 Bonnie Zentz Zentz Bonnie
1952 Martha Zillmer Zillmer Martha
1951 Jack Zillmer Zillmer Jack
1949 Norman Zillmer Zillmer Norman
1949 Bill Zillmer Zillmer Bill
1945 Edith Zillmer Zillmer Edith
2001 Devon Dale Zillmer Zillmer Devon Dale
1981 Larry Zillmer Zillmer Larry