BHS graduates with last names starting with Y

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ClassDisplay NameLast NameFirst NameMarried NameNotes
2001 Andrea Kay Yoder Yoder Andrea Kay
2003 Samuel Robert Yoder Yoder Samuel Robert
2003 Eric Jon Yoder Yoder Eric Jon
2004 Kathryn Ruth Yoder Yoder Kathryn Ruth
2004 Joshua Lee Yoder Yoder Joshua Lee
2005 Benjamin Yoder Yoder Benjamin D.
2015 Taylor Yoder Yoder Taylor R
2015 Alyssa Michelle Yoder Yoder Alyssa Michelle
2009 Angela Yoder Yoder Angela Nicole yb says "Anglea"; left as prob type - DJ
2010 Jacob Yoder Yoder Jacob James
2010 Ashlee Yoder Yoder Ashlee Kay
2012 Mitchell Lee Yoder Yoder Mitchell Lee
2012 Mariah Yoder Yoder Mariah
2006 Kim Yoder Yoder Kim Elizabeth
2006 Katelyn Yoder Yoder Katelyn Ruth
1977 James Yoder Yoder James
1976 Howard Yoder Yoder Howard
1975 Cynthia Yoder Yoder Cynthia
1974 Ross Yoder Yoder Ross
1973 Janelle Yoder Yoder Janelle
1955 Sandra Yoder Yoder Sandra
1966 Roland Edward Yoder Yoder Roland Edward expanded from "Edw." - DJ
1959 Roberta Yoder Yoder Roberta
1963 Merl Yoder Yoder Merl
1971 Marilyn Jean Yoder Yoder Marilyn Jean
1958 Larry Yoder Yoder Larry
1963 Kay Yoder Yoder Kay
1961 Jan Yoder Yoder Jan
1971 Gary Yoder Yoder Gary M.
1967 Gail Diane Yoder Yoder Gail Diane
1965 Dennis Morgan Yoder Yoder Dennis Morgan
1965 Bruce Yoder Yoder Bruce
1968 Brent Yoder Yoder Brent
1937 Bernard Young Young Bernard
1899 Charles Young Young Charles Campbell, CA - 1908 yb; tailor, Portland, OR - 1912 yb
1934 Nellie Young Young Nellie
1930 Mary Young Young Mary Cripe teacher in country - 1933 yb
1929 Olive Young Young Olive Rowe
1919 Artennis Young Young Artennis 1921 yb says "Youngs"; docs vary on both names; no obit
1915 Edward Young Young Edward
1993 Jodi Lynne Young Young Jodi Lynne
1995 Troy Young Young Troy A.
1995 Tracey Lynn Young Young Tracey Lynn
1995 Michael Raymond Young Young Michael Raymond
1998 Sarah Louise Young Young Sarah Louise
1998 Nicholas James Young Young Nicholas James
1999 Spring April Young Young Spring April
1999 Angela Kay Young Young Angela Kay
2001 Courtney Marie Young Young Courtney Marie
2002 Dean Michael Young Young Dean Michael