BHS graduates with last names starting with W

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ClassDisplay NameLast NameFirst NameMarried NameNotes
1977 Kiturah Weldy Weldy Kiturah
1976 William Weldy Weldy William
1976 Michael Weldy Weldy Michael
1976 Lola Weldy Weldy Lola
1976 Anna Weldy Weldy Anna
1975 Trend Weldy Weldy Trend
1973 Irvin Weldy Weldy Irvin
1969 Rebecca Weldy Weldy Rebecca
1959 Glennis Weldy Weldy Glennis
1962 Bonney Weldy Weldy Bonney
1994 Keri Marie Wells Wells Keri Marie
1959 Dave Welsh Welsh Dave
1970 Cheryl Welty Welty Cheryl
2010 Yen Wen Wen Yen Tseng
2011 Bethany Regina Wesley Wesley Bethany Regina
1985 Todd Wesley Wesley Todd
2008 Mary Ruth Wesner Wesner Mary Ruth
2010 Jonathan Wesner Wesner Jonathan Luke
2006 Daniel Wesner Wesner Daniel David
1990 Christopher Wesolowski Wesolowski Christopher
1916 Everett West West Everett
1952 Carol Weston Weston Carol
1933 Margaret Weston Weston Margaret
1990 Matthew Weston Weston Matthew
1985 Ann Weston Weston Ann
1983 Stacey Weston Weston Stacey
1967 Toni Kay Weston Weston Toni Kay
1970 Thomas Weston Weston Thomas
1954 Nancy Weston Weston Nancy
1966 Linda Ellen Weston Weston Linda Ellen
1958 Larry Weston Weston Larry
1993 Heather Whalen Whalen Heather L.
1990 Rob Whalen Whalen Rob
1967 Jeannean Ann Whilhite Whilhite Jeannean Ann
1982 Kenneth Whitaker Whitaker Kenneth
2007 Turee White White Turee Jaclyn
1962 James Buchanan White White James Buchanan
1987 Heather Whitehead Whitehead Heather
1986 Stephen Whitehead Whitehead Stephen
1972 William Whitehead Whitehead William
1960 Marvalene Kay Whitehead Whitehead Marvalene Kay
1928 Elizabeth Whiteman Whiteman Elizabeth
1971 Susan Marie Whiteman Whiteman Susan Marie
1967 David Leroy Whiteman Whiteman David Leroy
1975 Charles Whiteman Whiteman Charles
2001 Steven Andrew Whiting Whiting Steven Andrew
1964 JoAnn Whitlock Whitlock JoAnn
1958 Bob Whitlock Whitlock Bob
1976 Jennifer Whitman Whitman Jennifer
1973 Nancy Whitman Whitman Nancy