BHS graduates with last names starting with W

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ClassDisplay NameLast NameFirst NameMarried NameNotes
1962 Sharon Weil Weil Sharon
1963 Peggy Weil Weil Peggy
1947 Meredith Weirick Weirick Meredith
1936 Louis Weiss Weiss Louis
1943 Stanley Weiss Weiss Stanley
1933 Marjorie Weiss Weiss Marjorie
1912 Russell Weiss Weiss Russell
1912 Claude Weiss Weiss Claude
2012 Kailyn Nicole Weiss Weiss Kailyn Nicole
1981 Stephen Weiss Weiss Stephen
1979 Timothy Weiss Weiss Timothy
1975 David Weiss Weiss David
1974 Cathy Weiss Weiss Cathy
1965 Sandra Lou Weiss Weiss Sandra Lou
1969 Karen Weiss Weiss Karen
1936 Helen Weisshaar Weisshaar Helen
1941 Stanley Weisshaar Weisshaar Stanley
1932 Ardis Weisshaar Weisshaar Ardis post-grad in BHS - 1933 yb
1990 Greggory Weister Weister Greggory
2000 Gregory LeRoy Welborn Welborn Gregory LeRoy
2009 Shannon Welborn Welborn Shannon Michelle
1975 Jill Welborn Welborn Jill
1971 Connie Sue Welborn Welborn Connie Sue
1998 Cyla Marie Weldy Weldy Cyla Marie
2000 Crystal Marie Weldy Weldy Crystal Marie
2015 Victoria Weldy Weldy Victoria G
2008 Zachary Joseph Weldy Weldy Zachary Joseph
2009 Stephanie Weldy Weldy Stephanie Janette
2009 Isaac Weldy Weldy Isaac Michael
2010 Britney Weldy Weldy Britney Jean
2011 Morgan Trend Weldy Weldy Morgan Trend
2011 Jared Alexander Weldy Weldy Jared Alexander
2011 Andrew Tyler Weldy Weldy Andrew Tyler
2012 Paige Yvonne Weldy Weldy Paige Yvonne
2006 Livia Weldy Weldy Livia Elizabeth
2006 Jessica Weldy Weldy Jessica Elizabeth
2006 Amanda Weldy Weldy Amanda Jean
1985 Clifford Weldy Weldy Clifford
1984 Joseph Weldy Weldy Joseph
1983 Rita Weldy Weldy Rita
1983 Penny Weldy Weldy Penny
1982 Tina Weldy Weldy Tina
1982 Georgia Weldy Weldy Georgia
1981 Linda Weldy Weldy Linda
1981 Kamila Weldy Weldy Kamila
1980 Ricky Weldy Weldy Ricky
1979 Rhonda Weldy Weldy Rhonda
1978 Mary Ann Weldy Weldy Mary Ann
1977 Yulanda Weldy Weldy Yulanda
1977 Victor Weldy Weldy Victor