BHS graduates with last names starting with W

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ClassDisplay NameLast NameFirst NameMarried NameNotes
1965 Jo Ann Washnock Washnock Jo Ann
1963 Frank Washnock Washnock Frank
2003 Alexander Lloyd Waters Waters Alexander Lloyd
1977 David Waters Waters David
1969 Larry Waters Waters Larry
2004 Daniel Lee Watson Watson Daniel Lee
2014 Elizabeth Watson Watson Elizabeth
2014 Codi Nicole Watts Watts Codi Nicole
2013 Kylee Rachel Weatherby Weatherby Kylee Rachel
1926 Wilbur Weatherhead Weatherhead Wilbur
1992 Beth Ann Weaver Weaver Beth Ann
1938 Helen Weaver Weaver Helen
1949 Maydean Weaver Weaver Maydean
1944 Lois Weaver Weaver Lois
1942 Wilbur Weaver Weaver Wilbur
1940 Eldon Weaver Weaver Eldon
1995 Brantley Shannon Weaver Weaver Brantley Shannon
1996 Mandy Sue Weaver Weaver Mandy Sue
1998 Corey Weaver Weaver Corey E.
1988 Steven Weaver Weaver Steven
1988 Roxane Weaver Weaver Roxane
1987 Jason Weaver Weaver Jason
1986 Jim Weaver Weaver James
1985 Terry Weaver Weaver Terry
1984 Robert Weaver Weaver Robert
1984 Bronson Weaver Weaver Bronson
1983 Cory Weaver Weaver Cory
1982 Robin Weaver Weaver Robin
1978 Karen Weaver Weaver Karen
1976 JoDeen Weaver Weaver JoDeen
1972 Jeanne Weaver Weaver Jeanne
1967 Steven Bruce Weaver Weaver Steven Bruce
1969 Kevin Weaver Weaver Kevin
1967 Judith Elaine Weaver Weaver Judith Elaine
1965 Dennis Eugene Weaver Weaver Dennis Eugene
1967 Anita Louise Weaver Weaver Anita Louise
1935 Cecile Weber Weber Cecile
1951 Mildred Weber Weber Mildred
1934 Laura Weber Weber Laura
1957 Suzanne Weber Weber Suzanne
1958 Patricia Weber Weber Patricia
1966 Melbe Jeanne Weber Weber Melbe Jeanne
1993 Brant Wedel Wedel Brant S.
1937 Mary Jane Weidmar Weidmar Mary Jane
1994 Staci Lynn Weidner Weidner Staci Lynn
2007 Taylor Weidner Weidner Taylor Wayne
1987 Tamra Weidner Weidner Tamra
1945 Roland Weil Weil Roland
1944 Lois Weil Weil Lois
1917 Aleda Weil Weil Aleda