BHS graduates with last names starting with W

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ClassDisplay NameLast NameFirst NameMarried NameNotes
1929 Lewis Walter Walter Lewis
1926 Glada Walter Walter Glada
1916 Kenneth Walter Walter Kenneth
1916 Dewey Walter Walter Dewey
1909 Raymond Walter Walter Raymond stenographer, Laporte, IN - 1912 yb
1996 Jeremy Paul Walter Walter Jeremy Paul
2000 Brian Michael Walter Walter Brian Michael
2000 Joshua Walter Walter Joshua
2003 Phillip Daniel Walter Walter Phillip Daniel
2005 Jordan Walter Walter Jordan
2015 Caleb Steven Walter Walter Caleb Steven
2009 David Walter Walter David Nathaniel
2012 Erika Janae Walter Walter Erika Janae
2013 Tiffane Kristine Walter Walter Tiffane Kristine
2014 Kathryn Walter Walter Kathryn L
1984 David Walter Walter David
1978 James Walter Walter James
1976 Jeanna Walter Walter Jeanna
1974 Robert Walter Walter Robert
1973 Steven Walter Walter Steven
1972 Cindy Walter Walter Cindy
1951 Winfred Walterhouse Walterhouse Winfred
1948 Ruth Ellen Walterhouse Walterhouse Ruth Ellen
1948 Hilary Walterhouse Walterhouse Hilary
1945 Don Walterhouse Walterhouse Don
1944 Phyllis Walterhouse Walterhouse Phyllis
1942 Marian Walterhouse Walterhouse Marian
1940 Gerald Walterhouse Walterhouse Gerald
1934 Helen Walterhouse Walterhouse Helen
1930 Harry Walterhouse Walterhouse Harry student at Indiana U - 1933 yb
1978 Thomas Walterhouse Walterhouse Thomas
1977 Kent Walterhouse Walterhouse Kent
1958 Richard Walterhouse Walterhouse Richard
1960 Everett Lee Walterhouse Walterhouse Everett Lee
1954 Dale Walterhouse Walterhouse Dale
2002 Melissa Sue Walters Walters Melissa Sue
2010 Zachary Walters Walters Zachary Taylor
1972 William Walters Walters William
1963 Jennifer Waltz Waltz Jennifer
1988 Michael Wamsley Wamsley Michael
1988 Mark Wamsley Wamsley Mark
1986 Tina Wamsley Wamsley Tina
2009 Jessica Ward Ward Jessica Lynn
2007 Daniel Ward Ward Daniel Jay
1987 Ralph Ward Ward Ralph
1980 Paul Ward Ward Paul
1978 Michael Ward Ward Michael
1940 Phyllis Warner Warner Phyllis
1969 Sue Washnock Washnock Sue
1961 Mary Washnock Washnock Mary