BHS graduates with last names starting with T

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ClassDisplay NameLast NameFirst NameMarried NameNotes
1951 Phyllis Thomas Thomas Phyllis
1934 Theodore Thomas Thomas Theodore
1929 Catherine Thomas Thomas Catherine
1925 Bob Thomas Thomas Robert
2000 Steven Louis Thomas Thomas Steven Louis
2000 Audra Jean Thomas Thomas Audra Jean
2003 Jessica Thomas Thomas Jessica J.
2003 April Lee Thomas Thomas April Lee
1987 Brad Thomas Thomas Brad
1984 Cheryl Thomas Thomas Cheryl
1982 Brenda Thomas Thomas Brenda
1981 Keith Thomas Thomas Keith
1979 Bryan Thomas Thomas Bryan
1972 Sharon Thomas Thomas Sharon
1955 Kenneth Thomas Thomas Kenneth
1956 Janet Thomas Thomas Janet
1957 Clifford Thomas Thomas Clifford
1898 Maud Thompson Thompson Maud L. Leiter Connorsville, IN - 1908 yb
1995 Wesley Thompson Thompson Wesley G.
2000 Zachariah Adam Thompson Thompson Zachariah Adam
2000 Jessica Ann Thompson Thompson Jessica Ann
2002 Amanda Rena Thompson Thompson Amanda Rena
2015 Rhiannon Thompson Thompson Rhiannon H
2013 Coey James Raymond Thompson Thompson Coey James Raymond
2014 Ivan Thompson Thompson Ivan AW
2006 Seth Thompson Thompson Seth Adam
1984 Debra Thompson Thompson Debra
1983 Teresa Thompson Thompson Teresa
1980 Scott Thompson Thompson Scott
2009 Nicolai Thomsen Thomsen Nicolai Dahl
1992 Christopher Thornton Thornton Christopher M.
1953 Otis Thornton Thornton Otis
1941 Mark Thornton Thornton Mark
2000 Jaime Lee Thornton Thornton Jaime Lee
2015 Gina Lavonna Thornton Thornton Gina Lavonna
2015 Clayton Thornton Thornton Clayton J
2008 Ericca Lindsey Thornton Thornton Ericca Lindsey
2009 Curtis Thornton Thornton Curtis Walker
2014 Benjamin Thornton Thornton Benjamin A
1990 Scott Thornton Thornton Scott
1990 Kenneth Thornton Thornton Kenneth
1987 Penny Thornton Thornton Penny
1987 Lori Thornton Thornton Lori
1986 Rhonda Thornton Thornton Ronda yb says "Rhonda" - DJ
1982 Lisa Thornton Thornton Lisa
1981 Lee Ann Thornton Thornton Lee Ann
1979 Richard Thornton Thornton Richard
1975 Robert Thornton Thornton Robert
1969 Jill Thornton Thornton Jill
1963 Darrell Thornton Thornton Darrell