BHS graduates with last names starting with S

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ClassDisplay NameLast NameFirst NameMarried NameNotes
1988 Sheila Schmucker Schmucker Sheila
1987 Owen Schmucker Schmucker Owen
1987 Elizabeth Schmucker Schmucker Elizabeth
1986 Lisa Schmucker Schmucker Lisa
1953 Don Schneider Schneider Don
1944 Louis Schneider Schneider Louis
1939 Paul Schneider Schneider Paul
1934 Esther Schneider Schneider Esther
1930 Lulu Schneider Schneider Lulu Stump Bremen, IN - 1933 yb
1927 Madge Schneider Schneider Madge
1999 Mathew Jordan Schneider Schneider Mathew Jordan
2009 Kellen Schneider Schneider Kellen E
1986 Steven Schneider Schneider Steven
1985 Kelly Schneider Schneider Kelly
1980 Suzane Schneider Schneider Suzane
1978 Sherri Schneider Schneider Sherri
2004 Stephen "Stevie" Schnick Schnick Stephen D. II corrected from "Shephen"
2007 Thomas Mark Schnick Schnick Thomas Mark
1991 Jared Schnitz Schnitz Jared L
2007 Anthony Schooler Schooler Anthony Michael
1974 Clifford Schooler Schooler Clifford
1970 John Schooler Schooler John
1935 Charles Schrader Schrader Charles
1941 Mary Schrader Schrader Mary
1912 Blanche Schrader Schrader Blanche
1995 Anna Kristina Byrer Schrader Schrader Anna Kristina Byrer
1998 Abigail Kate Schrader Schrader Abigail Kate
1980 Suzanne Schrader Schrader Suzanne
1977 Michelle Schrader Schrader Michelle
1999 Matthew Wilson Schramm Schramm Matthew Wilson
2001 Erin Von Schramm Schramm Erin Von
2008 Daniel Charles Schramm Schramm Daniel Charles
2005 Susan Schramm Schramm Susan E.
1960 Sonya Kay Schramm Schramm Sonya Kay
1972 Charles Schramm Schramm Charles
1965 Brenda Sue Schramm Schramm Brenda Sue
1973 Michael Schreiner Schreiner Michael
1966 Charles Schreiner Schreiner Charles
1968 Barbara Schreiner Schreiner Barbara
2000 Jamie Kay Schriefer Schriefer Jamie Kay
2002 Scott Michael Schroeder Schroeder Scott Michael
2006 Liane Schroeder Schroeder Liane Elizabeth
1943 Herbert Schuch Schuch Herbert
1955 Linda Schuch Schuch Linda
1908 Clara Schurr Schuff Clara changed "Schuff" to "Schurr" - 1908 yb; teacher, Bremen, IN - 1912 yb
2001 Nadine Schug Schug Nadine
1946 Phyllis Schultz Schultz Phyllis
1944 Harriet Schultz Schultz Harriet
2011 Samantha Schultz Schultz Samantha T
1978 Stephen Schultz Schultz Stephen