BHS graduates with last names starting with S

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ClassDisplay NameLast NameFirst NameMarried NameNotes
1955 Marlene Schini Schini Marlene
1958 Lorene Schini Schini Lorene
1968 John Schini Schini John
1961 Carol Schini Schini Carol
2014 Lucas Schlarb Schlarb Lucas
1984 Julie Schlarb Schlarb Julie
1982 Clinton Schlarb Schlarb Clinton
1951 Wayne Schlemmer Schlemmer Wayne
1948 John Schlemmer Schlemmer John
1946 Sally Schlemmer Schlemmer Sally
1928 Alice Schlemmer Schlemmer Alice
1925 Marie Schlemmer Schlemmer Marie
1912 Raymond Schlemmer Schlemmer Raymond
2002 Sasha Lee Schlemmer Schlemmer Sasha Lee
2011 Ronald Maurice Schlemmer Schlemmer Ronald Maurice
1979 Beth Schlemmer Schlemmer Beth
1978 Randy Schlemmer Schlemmer Randy
1977 Tamera Schlemmer Schlemmer Tamera
1975 Debra Schlemmer Schlemmer Debra
1973 Michael Schlemmer Schlemmer Michael
1957 Jim Schlemmer Schlemmer Jim
1954 Harold Schlemmer Schlemmer Harold
1914 Dollie Schlosser Schlosser Dollie
1890 Samuel Schlosser Schlosser Samuel Schlosser Bros. Creamery, Plymouth, IN - 1908 yb
1908 Walter Schlosser Schlosser Walter student at Indianapolis, IN - 1912 yb
1908 Vida Schlosser Schlosser Vida Rhoade teacher, Bremen, IN - 1912 yb
1908 Hazel Schlosser Schlosser Hazel Huff Bremen, IN - 1912 yb
1905 Monroe Schlosser Schlosser William Monroe added "Monroe"; Helmer Creamery Co., Helmer, IN - 1908 yb; Forkfort, IN - 1912 yb
1904 Hattie Schlosser Schlosser Hattie E. Hershberger Bremen, IN - 1908 yb
2010 Cody Schlundt Schlundt Cody William
2002 Brett Michael Schmeltz Schmeltz Brett Michael
2004 Jake Edward Schmeltz Schmeltz Jake Edward
2013 Stuart Bryant Schmeltz Schmeltz Stuart Bryant
1997 Courtney Schmidt Schmidt Courtney A.
1999 Brent Schmidt Schmidt Brent
2002 Amanda Kay Schmidt Schmidt Amanda Kay
2015 Riley Jacob Schmidt Schmidt Riley Jacob
2014 Claire Nicole Schmidt Schmidt Claire Nicole
1964 Richard Schmidt Schmidt Richard
1965 Barbara Lu Schmidt Schmidt Barbara Lu
1952 Janet Schmitt Schmitt Janet
1913 Mae Schmitt Schmitt Mae
2001 Mark Schmitt Schmitt Mark A.
2003 Noelle Ann Schmitt Schmitt Noelle Ann
1954 Judy Schmitt Schmitt Judy
1963 George Schmitt Schmitt George
1992 Regina Ann Schmucker Schmucker Regina Ann
1992 Billy Ray Schmucker Schmucker Billy Ray
1990 Rebecca Schmucker Schmucker Rebecca
1989 Polly Schmucker Schmucker Polly