BHS graduates with last names starting with S

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ClassDisplay NameLast NameFirst NameMarried NameNotes
1949 Donald Swank Swank Donald
1946 Jack Swank Swank Jack
1944 Robert Swank Swank Robert
1944 Beth Swank Swank Beth
1943 Maxine Swank Swank Maxine
1942 Russell Swank Swank Russell
1941 Betty Swank Swank Betty
1977 Carolyn Swank Swank Carolyn
1976 Nancy Swank Swank Nancy
1975 Jeff Swank Swank Jeff
1975 Donna Swank Swank Donna
1973 Glenda Swank Swank Glenda
1955 Sherry Swank Swank Sherry
1963 Sheila Swank Swank Sheila
1969 Patricia Swank Swank Patricia
1955 Marilyn Swank Swank Marilyn
1960 Larry Allen Swank Swank Larry Allen
1967 John Swank Swank John J.
1964 Eldon Swank Swank Eldon
1966 Diana Lynn Swank Swank Diana Lynn
1956 Carol Swank Swank Carol
1968 Barbara Swank Swank Barbara
1928 Mildred Swanson Swanson Mildred
2010 Dylan Swanson Swanson Dylan Ryan
1995 Joshua Scott Swart Swart Joshua Scott
1997 Brooke Swart Swart Brooke N.
1961 Tony Swartzlander Swartzlander Tony
1958 Sally Swartzlander Swartzlander Sally
1959 Dixie Swartzlander Swartzlander Dixie
1994 Holly Marie Swathwood Swathwood Holly Marie
1991 Melody Swathwood Swathwood Melody J.
1985 Laura Swearingen Swearingen Laura
1982 Janette Swearingen Swearingen Janette
1975 David Sweisberger Sweisberger David
1989 Yorkk Swick Swick Yorkk
1985 Craig Swick Swick Craig
2000 Christen Heather Swihart Swihart Christen Heather
1962 Nancy Swingle Swingle Nancy
1967 Dean Allen Swingle Swingle Dean Allen
1961 Bill Swingle Swingle Bill
1992 Mark Ryan Swint Swint Mark Ryan
2015 Amber Swint Swint Amber M
2011 Joshua Ray Swint Swint Joshua Ray
1990 Michelle Swint Swint Michelle
1987 Michael Swint Swint Michael
1966 Terry Symon Symon Terry J.
1961 Bill Symon Symon Bill