BHS graduates with last names starting with S

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ClassDisplay NameLast NameFirst NameMarried NameNotes
1988 Tonya Sarber Sarber Tonya
1985 Gail Sarber Sarber Gail
1983 Keith Sarber Sarber Keith
1981 Bruce Sarber Sarber Bruce
1977 Merlyn Sarber Sarber Merlyn
2015 LaTasia Sargent Sargent LaTasia
1995 Domingo Medina Sauceda, Jr. Sauceda Domingo Medina Jr.
1990 Leticia Sauceda Sauceda Leticia
1931 Agatha Sauer Sauer Agatha farm, Bremen, IN - 1933 yb
1928 Hulda Sauer Sauer Hulda
1925 Carl Sauer Sauer Carl
1922 Helen Sauer Sauer Helen
1917 Harold Sauer Sauer Harold listed as class of 1918 in 1921 yb
2006 Brandon Sauer Sauer Brandon Michael
1967 Ted Sauer Sauer Ted L.
1924 Emma Sausman Sausman Emma
1923 Catherine Sausman Sausman Catherine
1937 Julia Sauter Sauter Julia
1936 Mary Sauter Sauter Mary
1942 Esther Sauter Sauter Esther
1931 Margaret Sauter Sauter Margaret Thomas Bremen, IN - 1933 yb
1930 Robert Sauter Sauter Robert Bremen, IN - 1933 yb
1928 Leora Sauter Sauter Leora
1997 Erin Sauter Sauter Erin E.
2000 Michael Allen Sauter Sauter Michael Allen
1973 John Sauter Sauter John
1970 William Sauter Sauter William
1968 Charles Sauter Sauter Charles
1996 James Joel Saylor Saylor James Joel
1993 Katherine Marie Sayre Sayre Katherine Marie
1995 Alexander Sayre Sayre Alexander
1950 LaVerne Scales Scales LaVerne
1976 Earl Scarberry Scarberry Earl
2003 Tori Christine Schafer Schafer Tori Christine
2011 John Charles Schafer Schafer John Charles
2014 Jasmine Schafer Schafer Jasmine B
1994 Kathleen Eldona Schaffer Schaffer Kathleen Eldona
1999 Wayne Schaffer Schaffer Wayne H. II
2003 LeAnn Marie Schaffer Schaffer LeAnn Marie
2007 Amberly Schaffer Schaffer Amberly Irene
2008 Jerry Wayne Schaffer Schaffer Jerry Wayne
1899 Christ Schilt Schilt Christ deceased - 1908 yb
1929 Verna Schilt Schilt Verna
1908 Scott Schilt Schilt Scott student at Bloomington, IN - 1912 yb
2011 Kyle David Schinbeckler Schinbeckler Kyle David
1994 Brenda Joy Schini Schini Brenda Joy
1995 Betsy Kay Schini Schini Betsy Kay
1999 Benjamin John Schini Schini Benjamin John
1981 Quintin Schini Schini Quintin
1959 Norman Schini Schini Norman