BHS graduates with last names starting with R

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ClassDisplay NameLast NameFirst NameMarried NameNotes
1990 Michael Ricketts Ricketts Michael
1986 Steve Ricketts Ricketts Steven
2003 Kimberly Kaye Riddle Riddle Kimberly Kaye
2009 Heather Riddle Riddle Heather Nicole
1968 Monica Riedel Riedel Monica
1971 Christine Kay Riedel Riedel Christine Kay
2007 Brittney Riffle Riffle Brittney Lynn
1978 Mark Rigers Rigers Mark
1918 John Riggenberg Riggenberg John
1984 Pamela Riley Riley Pamela
1982 Betty Riley Riley Betty
1975 Jo Riley Riley Jo
2009 James Rimel Rimel James Carroll
2009 Kimberly Rindfield Rindfield Kimberly Rena
2006 Samantha Rindfield Rindfield Samantha Dawn
1937 Luella Ringenberg Ringenberg Luella
1945 Berdene Ringenberger Ringenberger Berdene
2011 Jason Daniel Ringer Ringer Jason Daniel
2012 Matthew Aaron Ringer Ringer Matthew Aaron
1915 Mildred Ringgenberg Ringgenberg Mildred Taylor changed "Riggenberger" to "Ringgenberg" per 1921 yb & mother's obit
1915 Ruth Ringgenberger Ringgenberger Ruth
1935 Marguerite Ringle Ringle Marguerite
1939 Robert Ringle Ringle Robert
1919 Raymond Ringle Ringle Raymond
2010 Matthew Ringle Ringle Matthew William Robert
1969 John Ringle Ringle John
1977 Kristi Ringo Ringo Kristi
1976 Kerry Ringo Ringo Kerry
1975 Kim Ringo Ringo Kim
1952 Helga Rinke Rinke Helga
1961 Mike Rishel Rishel Mike
1969 Lela Rishel Rishel Lela
1928 Vera Ritchey Ritchey Vera
1942 Donna Ritter Ritter Donna
1978 Philip Ritter Ritter Philip
1973 David Ritter Ritter David
1972 Rock Ritter Ritter Rock
2010 Elizabeth Roark Roark Elizabeth Ann
1979 James Roark Roark James
1991 Georgina Marie Robb Robb Georgina Marie
1979 David Robbins Robbins David
2010 Amanda Roberson Roberson Amanda Kathleen
2014 Amber Roberson Roberson Amber J
1951 Frank Roberts Roberts Frank
1949 Marion Roberts Roberts Marion A.
1998 Hal Roberts Roberts Hal
2003 Bryon Allen Roberts Roberts Bryon Allen
2012 Michelle Lynn Roberts Roberts Michelle Lynn
2012 Maeve Ann Roberts Roberts Maeve Ann
1978 Steven Roberts Roberts Steven