BHS graduates with last names starting with R

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ClassDisplay NameLast NameFirst NameMarried NameNotes
1966 Shirlee Ann Reed Reed Shirlee Ann
1967 Sandra Jo Reed Reed Sandra Jo
1964 Rose Marie Reed Reed Rose Marie
1962 Robert Allen Reed Reed Robert Allen
1971 Randall Paul Reed Reed Randall Paul
1970 Marilyn Reed Reed Marilyn
1968 Linda Reed Reed Linda
1965 Karen Mae Reed Reed Karen Mae
1958 Jolene Reed Reed Jolene
1968 Harold Reed Reed Harold
1960 Donald Lynn Reed Reed Donald Lynn
1967 Cleen Arthur Reed Reed Cleen Arthur
1962 Carol Jean Reed Reed Carol Jean
1955 Barbara Reed Reed Barbara
2001 Julie Rashawn Reese Reese Julie Rashawn
2015 Matthew Reese Reese Matthew A
1987 Mickey Reese Reese Mickey
1987 Michelle Reese Reese Michelle
1987 Janelle Reese Reese Janelle
1985 Chad Reese Reese Chad
1984 Angela Reese Reese Angela
1974 Susan Reese Reese Susan
1972 Vicki Reese Reese Vicki
1955 Sue Reese Reese Sue
1971 Rebecca Sue Reese Reese Rebecca Sue
1959 Jim Reese Reese Jim
1970 Cynthia Reese Reese Cynthia
1969 Candiese Reese Reese Candiese
1945 Esther Reidenbach Reidenbach Esther
1940 Phillip Reidenbach Reidenbach Phillip
2004 Erica Dawn Reidenbach Reidenbach Erica Dawn
2008 Kelly Nicole Reidenbach Reidenbach Kelly Nicole
1967 Susan Jean Reidenbach Reidenbach Susan Jean
1971 Steven Brent Reidenbach Reidenbach Steven Brent
1961 Richard Reidenbach Reidenbach Richard
2003 Jessica Louise Reierson Reierson Jessica Louise
2008 John Charles Reierson Reierson John Charles
1934 Mina Renas Renas Mina
1932 Lillian Renas Renas Lillian farm, Bremen, IN - 1933 yb
1930 Lawrence Renas Renas Lawrence student at U of Cincinnati - 1933 yb
1912 Almira Renes Renes Almira
1997 Bethany Renner Renner Bethany N
2012 Zackery Austin Renner Renner Zackery Austin
1990 Tina Replogle Replogle Tina
1981 Debra Replogle Replogle Debra
1979 Sandra Replogle Replogle Sandra
1973 Norman Replogle Replogle Norman
1961 Susan Replogle Replogle Susan
1967 Saniel Joe Replogle Replogle Saniel Joe
1958 Rosalie Replogle Replogle Rosalie