BHS graduates with last names starting with R

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ClassDisplay NameLast NameFirst NameMarried NameNotes
1980 Lesa Reagan Reagan Lesa
1979 Michael Reagan Reagan Michael
1946 Dale Reaker Reaker Dale
2005 Dustin Wayne Reaker Reaker Dustin Wayne
1989 Tia Reaker Reaker Tia
1986 Tony Reaker Reaker Tony
1983 Anita Reaker Reaker Anita
1981 Larry Reaker Reaker Larry
1965 Roger Lee Reaker Reaker Roger Lee
1966 John Reaker Reaker John
1959 Donna Reaker Reaker Donna
2014 Jaccob Reaser Reaser Jaccob
1968 Terry Rector Rector Terry
1970 Judy Rector Rector Judy
1968 Jennie Rector Rector Jennie
1998 William Redlin Redlin William J.
2002 Nicole Mary Redlin Redlin Nicole Mary
1948 Dale Redman Redman Dale
1947 Ernestine Redman Redman Ernestine
1945 Lyle Redman Redman Lyle
1916 Shirley Redman Redman Shirley
1937 Marguerite Reed Reed Marguerite
1948 Ruth Reed Reed Ruth
1946 Helen Reed Reed Helen
1945 Phyllis Reed Reed Phyllis
1944 Paul Reed Reed Paul
1943 Enid Reed Reed Enid
1942 Howard Reed Reed Howard
1933 Laura Mae Reed Reed Laura Mae
1923 Ronald Reed Reed Ronald
1994 Corey William Reed Reed Corey William
1993 Robert Matthew Reed Reed Robert Matthew
1993 Jason Reed Reed Jason A.
1996 William Jared Reed Reed William Jared
1996 Nanette Rahnee Reed Reed Nanette Rahnee
1996 Jennifer Elizabeth Reed Reed Jennifer Elizabeth
1996 Blake Reed Reed Blake
1998 Jamie Kathleen Reed Reed Jamie Kathleen
2003 Lisa Marie Reed Reed Lisa Marie
2004 Shane Reed Reed Shane
1991 Nicole Renee Reed Reed Nicole Renee
1991 Nicole Elizabeth Reed Reed Nicole Elizabeth
1991 Julie Jalaine Reed Reed Julie Jalaine
1989 Brandon Reed Reed Brandon
1988 Troy Reed Reed Troy
1988 Christopher Reed Reed Christopher
1979 Janice Reed Reed Janice
1977 Meredith Reed, Jr. Reed Meredith Jr.
1976 Tamar Reed Reed Tamar
1972 William Reed Reed William