BHS graduates with last names starting with R

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ClassDisplay NameLast NameFirst NameMarried NameNotes
2003 Erwin Raat Raat Erwin
1969 Elaine Rackeweg Rackeweg Elaine
1964 Brenda Rackeweg Rackeweg Brenda
1935 Richard Raden Raden Richard
1949 Louise Rader Rader Louise
1940 Marie Rader Rader Marie
1939 Kenneth Rader Rader Kenneth
1994 Marc Rader Rader Marc J.
1996 Katrina Alaine Rader Rader Katrina Alaine
1992 Kara Suzanne Rader Rader Kara Suzanne
1992 Andrew John Rader Rader Andrew John
1987 Kirk Rader Rader Kirk
1974 Donald Rader Rader Donald
1961 Sue Rader Rader Sue
1962 Sally Rader Rader Sally
1968 Rosalie Rader Rader Rosalie
1966 John Rader Rader John R.
1962 David Rader Rader David
1983 Joe Radican Radican Joseph
1983 Jim Radican Radican James
1979 Margaret Radican Radican Margaret
1979 Kirk Radican Radican Kirk
1963 Ronald Radnovich Radnovich Ronald
1964 Eugene Radnovich Radnovich Eugene
1970 Dennis Radnovich Radnovich Dennis
1980 Sherry Rainbolt Rainbolt Sherry
1978 Melody Rainbolt Rainbolt Melody
1996 Keith Rains Rains Keith
2008 Joseph Aaron Rallo Rallo Joseph Aaron
1984 Sarah Ralston Ralston Sarah
1969 William Ralston Ralston William
1971 Diana Kay Ralston Ralston Diana Kay
1971 Debra Lee Ralston Ralston Debra Lee
2001 Justin Ramsay Ramsay Justin M.
2000 Benjamin Rans Rans Benjamin D.
1989 Andrew Rans Rans Andrew
1987 Samuel Rans Rans Samuel
1979 Stephen Rans Rans Stephen
1977 Cathy Rans Rans Cathy
1976 Wanda Rans Rans Wanda
1995 Alyssa Rarick Rarick Alyssa M.
1996 Michael Rarick Rarick Michael
1996 Gwen Rasavong Rasavong Gwen
1992 Paul Rasavong Rasavong Paul
1990 Lee Rasavong Rasavong Lee
1988 Krista Rauch Rauch Krista
1967 Linda Kay Rea Rea Linda Kay
1985 Janey Ready Ready Janey
1977 Kathleen Ready Ready Kathleen
1976 Jon Ready Ready Jon