BHS graduates with last names starting with P

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ClassDisplay NameLast NameFirst NameMarried NameNotes
1916 Eula Place Place Eula
1912 Otho Place Place Otho
1933 Virginia Platz Platz Virginia
1976 Kris Ploetz Ploetz Kris
1969 Marlyn Pohybko Pohybko Marlyn
1984 Johanna Pokkinen Pokkinen Johanna
1978 Paul Polemic Polemic Paul
1992 Michael Lee Pollard Pollard Michael Lee
1984 David Pollard Pollard David
1982 Kevin Pollard Pollard Kevin
2000 Nicole Marie Pollock Pollock Nicole Marie
2012 Candace Nicole Pollock Pollock Candace Nicole
1936 Helen Polson Polson Helen
1941 James Polson Polson James
1933 Marie Polson Polson Marie
1994 Jonathon Polson Polson Jonathon E.
1999 Melissa Lynn Polson Polson Melissa Lynn
2003 Gary Lee Polson Polson Gary Lee changed "Poison" to "Polson" per yb
2014 Jasmine Polson Polson Jasmine N
1961 Shirley Polson Polson Shirley changed "Poison" to "Polson" per yb and request by Sabrina Wickens
1968 John Polson Polson John
1972 Edward Polson Polson Edward
1994 Allison Mikel Pomeroy Pomeroy Allison M. Mikel
1982 Karen Pomeroy Pomeroy Karen
1971 Douglas Alan Pomeroy Pomeroy Douglas Alan
1925 Venus Ponader Ponader Venus
1921 Edgar Ponader Ponader Edgar
1994 Alonso Calero Pool Pool Alonso Calero
1940 Martha Porter Porter Martha
2015 Samantha Posani Posani Samantha
2000 Amy Kay Poulson Poulson Amy Kay
2001 Benjamin Poulson Poulson Benjamin E.
1986 Brian Poulson Poulson Brian
1974 Renee Poulson Poulson Renee
1970 Regina Poulson Poulson Regina
1972 Kent Poulson Poulson Kent
2000 Tabitha Lynn Powell Powell Tabitha Lynn
2003 Jessica Mary Powell Powell Jessica Mary
1959 Meredith Powell Powell Meredith
1964 Evon Powell Powell Evon
1962 Beverly Jean Powell Powell Beverly Jean
1953 Barbara Pratt Pratt Barbara
2003 Kenneth Creighton Prawat Prawat Kenneth Creighton
2004 Hannah Rose Prawat Prawat Hannah Rose
2009 Heather Prawat Prawat Heather Rochelle corrected from "Prewar" - DJ
2011 Holly Renee Prawat Prawat Holly Renee
2013 Heidi Rachel Prawat Prawat Heidi Rachel
2006 Justin Prawat Prawat Justin Daniel
1962 Clifton Estells Prcels Prcels Clifton Estells
1995 Douglas Paul Prendergast Prendergast Douglas Paul