BHS graduates with last names starting with P

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ClassDisplay NameLast NameFirst NameMarried NameNotes
1918 Rosco Penrod Penrod Rosco F. missing; added per 1921 yb alumni list; changed "Roscoe" to "Rosco F." per obit
1995 Brandy Lynne Penrose Penrose Brandy Lynne
1999 Brett Michael Penrose Penrose Brett Michael
2015 Ariel Penrose Penrose Ariel M
1991 Bryan Penrose Penrose Bryan J.
1986 Roy Penrose Penrose Roy
1968 Terry Penrose Penrose Terry
1966 Larry Allen Penrose Penrose Larry Allen
2008 Cristina Perez Perez Cristina
2014 Salvador Perez-Lopez Perez-Lopez Salvador
2003 Brian Lee Perkins Perkins Brian Lee
2011 Jenna Christine Perkins Perkins Jenna Christine
1990 Kevin Perkins Perkins Kevin
1979 Mark Perkins Perkins Mark
1975 Robin Perkins Perkins Robin
1935 Marie Perrot Perrot Marie
1952 Martha Perrot Perrot Martha
1979 Kim Perrot Perrot Kim
1976 Kathryn Perrot Perrot Kathryn
1954 Gene Perrot Perrot Gene
1949 Carl Perry Perry Carl
1946 Angeline Perry Perry Angeline
1945 Alice Perry Perry Alice
2015 Abigail Jean Perry Perry Abigail Jean
1936 Norma Petcher Petcher Norma
1940 Patricia Petcher Petcher Patricia
1983 Richard Peters Peters Richard
1961 Mary Peters Peters Mary
1957 Charles Peters Peters Charles
1935 Marguerite Peterson Peterson Marguerite
1940 Dudley Peterson Peterson Dudley
1929 Dorothy Peterson Peterson Dorothy
1927 Howard Peterson Peterson Howard
2015 Kyle Andrew Peterson Peterson Kyle Andrew
2004 Joseph Edward Peverelle, Jr. Peverelle Joseph Edward Jr.
2008 Stacy Lynn Peverelle Peverelle Stacy Lynn
2013 Michael William Peverelle Peverelle Michael William
1937 Verna Pfefferle Pfefferle Verna
1936 Lamar Pfefferle Pfefferle Lamar
1984 Jody Pfefferle Pfefferle Jody
1963 Connie Pfefferle Pfefferle Connie
1959 Barry Pfefferle Pfefferle Barry
1937 Forrest Pfeiffer Pfeiffer Forrest
1953 Edwin Pfeiffer Pfeiffer Edwin
1941 Roger Pfeiffer Pfeiffer Roger
1940 Willis Pfeiffer Pfeiffer Willis
1940 DeVon Pfeiffer Pfeiffer DeVon
1925 Emma Pfeiffer Pfeiffer Emma
2010 Tyler Pfeiffer Pfeiffer Tyler John
2012 Jenna Lynn Pfeiffer Pfeiffer Jenna Lynn