BHS graduates with last names starting with O

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ClassDisplay NameLast NameFirst NameMarried NameNotes
1936 Kenneth O'Connor O'Connor Kenneth
1943 Glenna O'Connor O'Connor Glenna
1929 Thelma O'Connor O'Connor Thelma
1928 Mildred O'Connor O'Connor Mildred
1999 Sheldon O'Connor O'Connor Sheldon D.
1988 Kelly O'Connor O'Connor Kelly
1986 Peggy O'Connor O'Connor Peggy
1985 Lori O'Connor O'Connor Lori
1983 Ernie O'Connor O'Connor Ernest
1981 Michelle O'Connor O'Connor Michelle
1979 David O'Connor O'Connor David
1978 Lori O'Connor O'Connor Lori
1978 Joyce O'Connor O'Connor Joyce
1976 Tim O'Connor O'Connor Tim
1974 Michelle O'Connor O'Connor Michelle
1956 Sue O'Connor O'Connor Sue
1957 Knute O'Connor O'Connor Knute
1981 Kerry O'Dell O'Dell Kerry
1977 Kathy O'Dell O'Dell Kathy
1975 Keith O'Dell O'Dell Keith
1974 Kevin O'Dell O'Dell Kevin
1995 Ryan Shawn O'Keefe O'Keefe Ryan Shawn
1998 Kristan Marie O'Keefe O'Keefe Kristan Marie
2001 Kevin Ryan O'Keefe O'Keefe Kevin Ryan
2002 Emily Kay O'Keefe O'Keefe Emily Kay
2006 Patrick O'Keefe O'Keefe Patrick Thomas
1991 Melissa O'Keefe O'Keefe Melissa J.
1980 Teresa Oberleas Oberleas Teresa
1972 Deborah Oberleas Oberleas Deborah
2003 Stacey Renee Oberley Oberley Stacey Renee
1952 Bill Oberly Oberly Bill
2008 Preston David Oberly Oberly Preston David
2009 Taylor Oberly Oberly Taylor Scott
1986 Karen Oberly Oberly Karen
1979 David Oberly Oberly David
1958 Sally Oberly Oberly Sally
1976 Samuel Ochstein Ochstein Samuel
1990 Brandon Odiorne Odiorne Brandon
1965 Tom Odiorne Odiorne Tom A.
1968 Mark Odiorne Odiorne Mark
1967 Karen Ann Odiorne Odiorne Karen Ann
1965 Gary Gene Odiorne Odiorne Gary Gene
1941 Elizabeth Odom Odom Elizabeth
1952 Otto Oesterle Oesterle Otto
1947 Arnold Ogle Ogle Arnold
1945 Devon Ogle Ogle Devon
1978 Vania Oliverira Oliverira Vania
1946 James Olsen Olsen James
1960 Christine Ann Olsen Olsen Christine Ann
1975 Sherri Oman Oman Sherri