BHS graduates with last names starting with M

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ClassDisplay NameLast NameFirst NameMarried NameNotes
1941 Marie Mattern Mattern Marie
1934 Theodore Mattern Mattern Theodore
1932 Jacob Mattern Mattern Jacob farm, Bremen, IN - 1933 yb
1930 Treva Mattern Mattern Treva farm, Bremen, IN - 1933 yb
1929 Edward Mattern Mattern Edward
1916 Lena Mattern Mattern Lena
1910 Bessie Mattern Mattern Bessie stenographer, South Bend, IN - 1912 yb
1995 Brandi Sue Mattern Mattern Brandi Sue
1992 Shawn Michael Mattern Mattern Shawn Michael
1975 Nancy Mattern Mattern Nancy
1971 Joanne Marie Mattern Mattern Joanne Marie
1971 Dennis Michael Mattern Mattern Dennis Michael
2002 David Anthony Matusek Matusek David Anthony
2005 Steven Matusek Matusek Steven
1949 Dale Matz Matz Dale
1941 Roscoe Matz Matz Roscoe
1957 Shirley Matz Matz Shirley
1967 Molly Jo Matz Matz Molly Jo
1963 Connie Matz Matz Connie
1964 Beverly Matz Matz Beverly
1955 Robert Maurice Maurice Robert
1961 Richard Maurice Maurice Richard
1956 Barbara Maurice Maurice Barbara
1972 Vicki Maust Maust Vicki
1936 Alan Maxey Maxey Alan
1933 Ned Maxey Maxey Ned
1929 Robert Maxey Maxey Robert
2004 Jordan Maxson Maxson Jordan L.
2007 Blaine Maxson Maxson Blaine Andrew
1981 Larry Maxson Maxson Larry
1939 Gretchen May May Gretchen
1916 Foster May May Foster
2001 Angela Kyle May May Angela Kyle
2003 Steven James May May Steven James
1952 Jane Mayer Mayer Jane
1945 Raymond Mayer Mayer Raymond
1915 Ethel McBroom McBroom Ethel Thompson
1984 Renae McCarty McCarty Renae
1983 Steve McCarty McCarty Steve
1913 Grace McConnell McConnell Grace Cripe
2014 Cole Allan McCord McCord Cole Allan
2010 Kayla McCord McCord Kayla Ann
2003 Shawn Dean McCormick McCormick Shawn Dean
2012 Ryan Thomas McCreary McCreary Ryan Thomas
1998 Raymond McDonald McDonald Raymond D.
2003 Amanda Marie McFarland McFarland Amanda Marie
2013 Olivia Ann McFarland McFarland Olivia Ann
1998 Devan Michelle McGee McGee Devan Michelle
1999 Bethany Renee McGee McGee Bethany Renee
1896 Lester McGowan McGowan Lester merchant, Plymouth, IN - 1908 yb