BHS graduates with last names starting with M

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ClassDisplay NameLast NameFirst NameMarried NameNotes
1977 Richard Martin Martin Richard
1976 Tamra Martin Martin Tamra
1976 Judith Martin Martin Judith
1975 Joseph Martin, Jr. Martin Joseph Jr.
1975 Barbara Martin Martin Barbara
1974 James Martin Martin James
1971 Rolland Martin Martin Rolland A
1965 Michael Leroy Martin Martin Michael Leroy
1954 Max Martin Martin Max
1972 Mary Martin Martin Mary
1960 Kenneth Daniel Martin Martin Kenneth Daniel
1966 Judy Rae Martin Martin Judy Rae
1974 Joe Martin Martin Joe
1968 Jane Martin Martin Jane
1958 Fred Martin Martin Fred
1959 Kent Martindale Martindale Kent
2011 Edgar Martinez Martinez Edgar
1989 Yvonne Martinez Martinez Yvonne
2008 Anthony Alan Martz Martz Anthony Alan
2010 Nicholas Martz Martz Nicholas Reed
1990 Ryan Martz Martz Ryan
1987 Kirk Martz Martz Kirk
1982 Shelly Martz Martz Shelly
1994 Joe Marvel Marvel Joe
1994 Jason Marvel Marvel Jason L.
2005 Heather Danielle Marvel Marvel Heather Danielle
2008 David Valentin Maslim Maslim David Valentin
1947 Roland Mason Mason Roland
2002 Michael James Mason Mason Michael James
1968 James Mason Mason James
1937 Pauline Mast Mast Pauline
1945 Gerald Mast Mast Gerald
1929 Repha Mast Mast Repha
1996 Jennifer Lynn Mast Mast Jennifer Lynn
1991 Tammie Lee Grover Mast Mast Tammie Lee Grover
1983 Roxanne Mast Mast Roxanne
1982 Jeffrey Mast Mast Jeffrey
1981 Chris Mast Mast Christopher
1978 Kimberly Mast Mast Kimberly
1960 Jeffery Blaine Mast Mast Jeffery Blaine
1967 Erick Lamont Mast Mast Erick Lamont
1979 Lorraine Matchett Matchett Lorraine
2001 Ashley Tondorsia Matejka Matejka Ashley Tondorsia
2003 Andrea Bree Matejka Matejka Andrea Bree
1981 Mark Matejka Matejka Mark
1978 Scott Matejka Matejka Scott
1977 Lynn Matejka Matejka Lynn
1998 Brenda Susan Mathews Mathews Brenda Susan
1950 Carl Mattern Mattern Carl
1946 Richard Mattern Mattern Richard