BHS graduates with last names starting with M

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ClassDisplay NameLast NameFirst NameMarried NameNotes
1979 Kevin Marks Marks Kevin
1970 Richard Marks Marks Richard
1967 Dean Rolland Marks, Jr. Marks Dean Rolland Jr.
1995 Shawn Marks Marks Shawn C.
1997 Anthony Marks Marks Anthony W.
2001 Teresa Marks Marks Teresa L.
1957 Mavis Marlow Marlow Mavis
2007 Genaro Marquez Marquez Genaro Marquez
2011 Cristina Marquez Marquez Cristina
1990 Daniel Marsh Marsh Daniel
1965 Dennis Lyle Marshall Marshall Dennis Lyle
1963 Steven Marshall Marshall Steven
1947 Jim Marshall Marshall Jim
2003 Ashley Laine Marshall Marshall Ashley Laine
2004 Lindsay McCall Marshall Marshall Lindsay McCall
2005 Joanne Helen Marshall Marshall Joanne Helen
1977 James Marshall Marshall James
1975 Layna Marshall Marshall Layna
1974 Layne Marshall Marshall Layne
1973 David Marshall Marshall David
1954 Elaine Marshitz Marshitz Elaine
1967 Darlene Ann Marshman Marshman Darlene Ann
1953 Carolyn Martin Martin Carolyn
1953 Lowell Martin Martin Lowell
1950 Iver Martin Martin Iver
1948 Erma June Martin Martin Erma June
1946 Mildred Martin Martin Mildred
1945 Dewey Martin Martin Dewey
1943 Walter Martin Martin Walter
1941 Marjorie Martin Martin Marjorie
1940 Dale Martin Martin Dale
1934 Roland Martin Martin Roland
1919 Daro Martin Martin Daro
1917 Gladys Martin Martin Gladys Ranstead
1910 Bertha Martin Martin Bertha Bremen, IN - 1912 yb
1995 Amy Lynn Martin Martin Amy Lynn
1998 Eric Morgan Martin Martin Eric Morgan
2004 Lindsay Nicole Martin Martin Lindsay Nicole
2010 Caleb Martin Martin Caleb Dean
2012 Heather Elaine Martin Martin Heather Elaine
2012 Daniel Christopher Martin Martin Daniel Christopher
1991 Kerry Adam Martin Martin Kerry Adam
1991 Jon Joseph Martin Martin Jon Joseph
1989 Heather Martin Martin Heather
1988 Peter Martin Martin Peter
1983 Elizabeth Martin Martin Elizabeth
1982 Tom Martin Martin Tom
1981 Sharon Martin Martin Sharon
1979 Timothy Martin Martin Timothy
1978 Nancy Martin Martin Nancy