BHS graduates with last names starting with M

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ClassDisplay NameLast NameFirst NameMarried NameNotes
2005 Luis Armando Macias Macias Luis Armando
2010 Erika MacInnis MacInnis Erika Joan
1921 Ruth Macomber Macomber Ruth
1897 Betsey Macomber Macomber Betsey Sheets Bremen, IN - 1908 yb
1930 Betty Macy Macy Betty student at Indiana U - 1933 yb
1982 Scott Main Main Scott
1981 Curtis Main Main Curtis
1973 Gary Main Main Gary
1972 Jeffery Main Main Jeffery
1970 Hal Main Main Hal
1962 Burdette Main Main Burdette A.
1993 Brenna Main Main Brenna D.
1996 Jill Marie Main Main Jill Marie
1998 Kimberly Dawn Main Main Kimberly Dawn
2000 Mark Earl Main Main Mark Earl
2007 Brian Main Main Brian John
2009 Chelci Main Main Chelci Lynn
1996 Holly Malady Malady Holly L.
2002 Scott Landon Malcolm Malcolm Scott Landon
2007 Kristen Malone Malone Kristen Barbara
2006 Alex Malone Malone Alex Wayne
2014 Jose Emilio Maltos Maltos Jose Emilio
1993 Chris Mammon Mammon Chris S.
1997 William Mammon Mammon William I.
2014 Shianne Mammon Mammon Shianne
1967 Werner Ferdinand Manderbach Manderbach Werner Ferdinand
1989 Michael Mandino Mandino Michael
1991 Troy Laverne Manges Manges Troy Laverne
1991 RiCheryl Eileen Manges Manges RiCheryl Eileen
1991 Michael Keith Manges Manges Michael Keith
1989 Richard Manges Manges Richard II
1985 Brian Manges Manges Brian
1982 Jill Manges Manges Jill
1982 Andy Manges Manges Andy
1980 Jon Manges Manges Jon
1979 Kevin Manges Manges Kevin
1976 Roger Manges Manges Roger
1976 Kathy Manges Manges Kathy
1976 Bryan Manges Manges Bryan
1974 Steven Manges Manges Steven
1973 Eric Manges Manges Eric
1970 Richard Manges Manges Richard
1970 Jerry Manges Manges Jerry
1969 Michael Manges Manges Michael
1968 Janine Manges Manges Janine
1968 Wayne Manges Manges A. Wayne
1967 Karen Kay Manges Manges Karen Kay
1967 Dennis Lee Manges Manges Dennis Lee
1966 Cheryl Kay Manges Manges Cheryl Kay
1965 Marcia May Manges Manges Marcia May