BHS graduates with last names starting with L

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ClassDisplay NameLast NameFirst NameMarried NameNotes
2010 Brandy Leeper Leeper Brandy Lee-Faith
2012 Nathaniel Leeper Leeper Nathaniel A
2005 Elizabeth Anne Leeper Leeper Elizabeth Anne
2005 Brad Adam Leeper Leeper Brad Adam
2006 Kristine Leeper Leeper Kristine Ann
1960 James Joseph Leerkamp Leerkamp James Joseph
1990 Bridget Lees Lees Bridget
1986 Stephen Lees Lees Stephen
1958 June Legner Legner June
1945 Carolyn Legner Legner Carolyn
1924 Dudley Legner Legner Dudley
1921 Logan Legner Legner Logan
1982 Karen Lehman Lehman Karen
1980 Norma Lehman Lehman Norma
1979 Nancy Lehman Lehman Nancy
1933 Owen Lehr Lehr Owen
1896 Edwin Lehr Lehr Edwin electrical designer, Pittsburgh, PA - 1908 yb
1905 Alvin Lehr Lehr Alvin E. watch factory, Canton, OH - 1908 yb
1989 Troy Leiter Leiter Troy
1986 Tammy Leiter Leiter Tammy
2012 Genna Carol Sue Leiter Leiter Genna Carol Sue
2013 Tyler Eugene Leiter Leiter Tyler Eugene
1988 Kimberly Leksich Leksich Kimberly
1981 Casi Leland Leland Casi
1991 Kara Ann Leliaert Leliaert Kara Ann
1993 Aaron James Leliaert Leliaert Aaron James
1971 Paulette Sue Leman Leman Paulette Sue
1970 Samuel Leman, Jr. Leman Samuel Jr.
1968 Deborah Leman Leman Deborah
1966 Philip Sechrist Leman Leman Philip Sechrist
1966 Mary Jane Leman Leman Mary Jane
1965 Rebecca Jo Leman Leman Rebecca Jo
1960 James Robert Leman Leman James Robert
1954 Douglas Leman Leman Douglas
1938 Ardale Leman Leman Ardale
1936 Velma Leman Leman Velma
1952 Danny Leman Leman Danny
1947 Richard Leman Leman Richard
1942 Mary Leman Leman Mary
1939 Bill Leman Leman William Jr.
1934 Sam Leman Leman Sam
1931 John Leman Leman John student at Indiana U - 1933 yb
1929 Nelson Leman Leman Nelson
1993 Michael Leman Leman Michael A.
1994 Laura Elizabeth Leman Leman Laura Elizabeth
1998 Carrie Lynn Leman Leman Carrie Lynn
2015 Ashley Lent Lent Ashley L
2012 Allen LeRoy Letson Letson Allen LeRoy
1966 Thomas Patrick Lett Lett Thomas Patrick
1991 Karyn Levy Levy Karyn Leigh