BHS graduates with last names starting with K

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ClassDisplay NameLast NameFirst NameMarried NameNotes
1981 Julie Kulczar Kulczar Julie
2004 David Edward Kulczar Kulczar David Edward
2007 Christopher Kulczar Kulczar Christopher Dale
1981 Timothy Kulzar Kulzar Timothy
1999 Amber Gail Kunder Kunder Amber Gail
2004 Anthony Lee Kunder Kunder Anthony Lee
1987 Cari Kuntz Kuntz Cari
1974 Steve Kuntz Kuntz Steve
1969 Otis Kuntz Kuntz Otis
1967 Becky Lynn Kuntz Kuntz Becky Lynn
1961 Stanley Kuntz Kuntz Stanley
1959 Martha Kuntz Kuntz Martha
1957 Harriet Kuntz Kuntz Harriet
1946 Ruth Kuntz Kuntz Ruth
1942 Theda Kuntz Kuntz Theda
1940 Kathryn Kuntz Kuntz Kathryn
1939 Lillie Kuntz Kuntz Lillie
1925 Jessy Kuntz Kuntz Jestine
2008 Ryan Timothy Kurtz Kurtz Ryan Timothy
1989 Tim Kyser Kyser Timothy
1985 Michele Kyser Kyser Michele