BHS graduates with last names starting with K

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ClassDisplay NameLast NameFirst NameMarried NameNotes
2010 Max Kipfer Kipfer Max Robert
2005 Cassidy Kipfer Kipfer Cassidy B.
1996 Miranda Kirby Kirby Miranda
2008 Pascal Kirchberg Kirchberg Pascal
2001 Julia Kirchner Kirchner Julia
1993 Melissa Layne Klapp Klapp Melissa Layne
1996 Eric Klapp Klapp Eric
1991 Tim Kline Kline Timothy Eugene
1991 Corey David Kline Kline Corey David
1989 Blaine Kline Kline Blaine
1988 James Kline Kline James
1986 Greg Kline Kline Greg
1985 Shane Kline Kline Shane
1972 Wanda Kline Kline Wanda
1971 Robert Eugene Kline Kline Robert Eugene
1970 Brenda Kline Kline Brenda
1969 Lanette Kline Kline Lanette
1969 James Kline Kline James
1968 Robert Kline Kline Robert
1968 Barbara Kline Kline Barbara
1967 Philip Kline Kline Philip
1967 Linda Sue Kline Kline Linda Sue
1967 Charles Kline Kline Charles R.
1966 Carolyn Jean Kline Kline Carolyn Jean
1964 Donald Herbert Kline Kline Donald Herbert
1962 Richard Dale Kline Kline Richard Dale
1961 Jerry Kline Kline Jerry
1942 Joan Kline Kline Joan
1933 Maxine Kline Kline Maxine
1916 Vera Kline Kline Vera Breunlin
1995 Daniel Kline Kline Daniel A.
1998 Janelle Elaine Kline Kline Janelle Elaine
1999 Nicholas Kline Kline Nicholas R.
2015 Lorinda Kline Kline Lorinda A
2011 Alexander Ross Kline Kline Alexander Ross
1954 Nancy Klinedinst Klinedinst Nancy
1952 Carol Klinedinst Klinedinst Carol
1992 Heather Dawn Kling Kling Heather Dawn
1991 Dawn Marie Kling Kling Dawn Marie
1989 Tara Kling Kling Tara
1988 Robert Kling Kling Robert
1971 Linda Darlene Kling Kling Linda Darlene
1970 Judy Kling Kling Judy
1967 Charles Ward Kling Kling Charles Ward
1959 Linda Kling Kling Linda
1955 Marsha Kling Kling Marsha
1937 Marcella Kling Kling Marcella
1938 Vestal Kling Kling Vestal
1935 Gertrude Kling Kling Gertrude
1950 Carolyn Kling Kling Carolyn