BHS graduates with last names starting with K

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ClassDisplay NameLast NameFirst NameMarried NameNotes
1980 Susan Kaiser Kaiser Susan
1979 Kimberley Kaiser Kaiser Kimberley
1981 Julie Kane Kane Julie
1980 Jenny Kane Kane Jenny
1978 Joann Kane Kane Joann
1976 Jan Kane Kane Jan
1974 Jill Kane Kane Jill
1972 Jane Kane Kane Jane
1988 Deborah Kapke Kapke Deborah
1983 Marilyn Kapke Kapke Marilyn
1981 David Kapke Kapke David
2005 Ryan Kapp Kapp Ryan J.
1984 Traci Kares Kares Traci
1962 Richard Kares Kares Richard
1956 Ronald Kares Kares Ronald
1961 Wasyl Karpenko Karpenko Wasyl
1955 Vladimir Karpenko Karpenko Vladimir
1981 Edward Karwatka Karwatka Edward
1975 Barbara Karwatka Karwatka Barbara
1970 Margaret Karwatka Karwatka Margaret
1974 Anita Kaser Kaser Anita
1993 Kristy Kaser Kaser Kristy K.
2013 Mikhala Rose Kaseweter Kaseweter Mikhala Rose
1943 Helen Kastner Kastner Helen
1942 Lelia Kastner Kastner Lelia
1940 Edward Kastner Kastner Edward
2003 Erin Leigh Katterheinrich Katterheinrich Erin Leigh
1966 Donald Keith Kauffman Kauffman Donald Keith
1964 Carol Kauffman Kauffman Carol
1962 Mary Kathleen Kauffman Kauffman Mary Kathleen
1961 Eugene Kauffman Kauffman Eugene
1959 Dick Kauffman Kauffman Dick
1958 Susan Kauffman Kauffman Susan
1946 Evelyn Kauffman Kauffman Evelyn
1944 Marjorie Kauffman Kauffman Marjorie
1928 Donald Kauffman Kauffman Donald
1922 Mildred Kauffman Kauffman Mildred
1914 Kenyon Kauffman Kauffman Kenyon spelled "Kennion" in 1921 yb
1912 Roy Kauffman Kauffman Roy
2015 Nathan Allen Kauffman Kauffman Nathan Allen
1967 Sarah Kaufman Kaufman Sarah
1898 Rosa Kaufman Kaufman Rosa Horein tailoress, Bremen, IN; changed "Roas" to "Rosa" - 1908 yb; postmistress, Bremen, IN - 1912 yb
2007 Tara Kaufman Kaufman Tara Michelle
1965 Irvin Kaylor Kaylor Irvin L.
1961 Marylinn Kaylor Kaylor Marylinn
1957 Betty Kaylor Kaylor Betty
1970 Ricky Keck Keck Ricky
1968 James Keck Keck James
1967 Larry Wilson Keck Keck Larry Wilson
1966 Tom Keck Keck Tom H.