BHS graduates with last names starting with J

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ClassDisplay NameLast NameFirst NameMarried NameNotes
1992 Patricia Jean Jackson Jackson Patricia Jean
1989 Catherine Jackson Jackson Catherine
2003 Heather Nicole Jackson Jackson Heather Nicole
1987 Corey Jacobs Jacobs Corey
1975 Larry Jacobs Jacobs Larry
1971 Jerry Allen Jacobs Jacobs Jerry Allen
1969 Kristine Jacobs Jacobs Kristine
2000 Natashenka Jacobs Jacobs Natashenka
2009 Lauren Jacobs Jacobs Lauren Elizabeth
2006 Alyssa Jacobs Jacobs Alyssa Lea
1978 Christine Jacobson Jacobson Christine
1974 Glen James James Glen
1973 Clyde James James Clyde
1997 Johnathon James James Johnathon A.
1982 Gene Janezich Janezich Gene
1980 Susan Janezich Janezich Susan
2014 Caleb Janezich Janezich Caleb
1995 Robert Jeffrey Jeffrey Robert C.
2010 Nicole Jeffries Jeffries Nicole Marie
1983 Heather Jenifer Jenifer Heather
1994 Nathaniel John Jenniges Jenniges Nathaniel John
1997 Aaron Jenniges Jenniges Aaron J.
2002 Jaclyn Dee Jennings Jennings Jaclyn Dee
2004 Justin Louis Jennings Jennings Justin Louis
2006 Sara Jennings Jennings Sara Elizabeth yb says "Sarah"; left as prob error - DJ
2006 Brian Jennings Jennings Brian Matthew
1991 Kara Jensen Jensen Kara Jonay Kovach
1989 Amy Jensen Jensen Amy Bennitt, Hundt
1986 Derek Jensen Jensen Derek
1981 Shelly Jensen Jensen Michelle Lemke
1979 Donn Jensen Jensen Donn
1977 Mark Jensen Jensen Mark
1968 Irene Jensen Jensen Irene
1964 Karen Jensen Jensen Karen Stouder, Boocher
1956 Bill Jensen Jensen Bill missing, added by DJ
1951 Glenice Jensen Jensen Glenice Crowel
2008 Rachel Ann Jensen Jensen Rachel Ann
1997 Lorena Jimenez Jimenez Lorena
1997 Adrian Jimenez Jimenez Adrian
1999 Noelia Jimenez Jimenez Noelia
2000 Graciela Jimenez Jimenez Graciela
2001 Francisco Jimenez Jimenez Francisco
2003 Bricelda Jimenez Jimenez Bricelda
2004 Raul Jimenez Jimenez Raul
2004 Elvia Jimenez Jimenez Elvia
2004 Alfredo Jimenez, Jr. Jimenez Alfredo Jr.
2014 Shyanna Jimenez Jimenez Shyanna
2015 Pahola Jimenez Jimenez Pahola
2007 Virginia Jimenez Jimenez Virginia Jimenez middle name same as last name - error? - DJ
2008 Alvaro Jimenez Jimenez Alvaro