BHS graduates with last names starting with H

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ClassDisplay NameLast NameFirst NameMarried NameNotes
2011 Alex Wayne Harshbarger Harshbarger Alex Wayne
1992 Charles William Hartle Hartle Charles William
1971 Steven Douglas Hartle Hartle Steven Douglas
1994 Clay Hartle Hartle Clay T.
1995 Haley Hartle Hartle Haley A.
1970 Clarence Hartman Hartman Clarence
1911 Millard Hartman Hartman Millard student at Purdue - 1912 yb
1998 Emily Sue Hartman Hartman Emily Sue
1993 Clay Hartsell Hartsell Clay J.
2000 Chad Hartsell Hartsell Chad
2007 Samantha Hartsough Hartsough Samantha Michele
2010 Tyler Hartsough Hartsough Tyler Zachary
2007 Rachel Harvey Harvey Rachel Wynn
2009 Shayna Harvey Harvey Shayna Rochelle
1997 Carl Haseley Haseley Carl A.
2001 Mark Allen Haseley Haseley Mark Allen
1977 Matthew Hassel Hassel Matthew
1975 Michael Hassel Hassel Michael
1973 Jill Hassel Hassel Jill
2014 Tanner Hassel Hassel Tanner M
2007 Steven Hatfield Hatfield Steven Nicolas
2009 Christopher Hatfield Hatfield Christopher David
2012 Mason Conner Hattabaugh Hattabaugh Mason Conner
1968 Jack Hatton Hatton Jack
1961 Wanda Hatton Hatton Wanda
1925 Faye Hauser Hauser Faye
1939 Ernestine Hausser Hausser Ernestine
1943 Caroline Hausser Hausser Caroline
1982 Todd Hawkins Hawkins Todd
1981 Thomas Hawkins Hawkins Thomas
1979 Wendolyn Hawkins Hawkins Wendolyn
1979 Tracy Hawkins Hawkins Tracy
1975 Timothy Hawkins Hawkins Timothy
1971 Randy Gene Hawkins Hawkins Randy Gene
1970 Larry Hawkins Hawkins Larry
1968 Richard Hawkins Hawkins Richard
1968 Rebecca Hawkins Hawkins Rebecca
1960 Jeanette Martha Hawkins Hawkins Jeanette Martha
1959 Jannine Hawkins Hawkins Jannine
1939 Marie Hawkins Hawkins Marie
1993 Heath Laine Hawkins Hawkins Heath Laine
1996 Ryan Hawkins Hawkins Ryan L.
2015 Sarah Hawkins Hawkins Sarah C
1974 Peggy Hawley Hawley Peggy
1968 Randall Hawley Hawley Randall
1966 Rebecca Sue Hawley Hawley Rebecca Sue
1996 Chalisa Hawley Hawley Chalisa M.
2001 Cassandra Renee Hawley Hawley Cassandra Renee
2005 Caylon Randall Hawley Hawley Caylon Randall
1986 Tony Hayes Hayes Anthony