BHS graduates with last names starting with H

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ClassDisplay NameLast NameFirst NameMarried NameNotes
1976 Kristina Haab Haab Kristina
1972 Carol Haab Haab Carol
1970 Kathaleen Haab Haab Kathaleen
1936 Carl Haab Haab Carl
1944 Marybelle Haab Haab Marybelle
1983 Jay Haas Haas Jay
1977 Joe Haas Haas Joe
1955 Ralph Haas Haas Ralph
1953 Dorothy Haas Haas Dorothy
1952 Marjorie Haas Haas Marjorie
1952 Kenneth Haas Haas Kenneth
1951 Fred Haas Haas Fred
1950 Marilyn Haas Haas Marilyn
1947 Margery Haas Haas Margery
1942 Marvene Haas Haas Marvene
1924 Welcome Haas Haas Welcome
1897 Laura Haas Haas Laura E. Hahn Culver, IN - 1908 yb; Galveston, IN - 1912 yb
1902 Arlie Haas Haas Arlington buyer for merchant, Kokomo, IN - 1908 yb
1999 Mandee Jo Haas Haas Mandee Jo
2001 Natasha Beth Haas Haas Natasha Beth
2008 Hal William Hackett Hackett Hal William
1988 Michael Haenes Haenes Michael
1954 Sue Haenes Haenes Sue
1948 Carolyn Haenes Haenes Carolyn
1945 Methabelle Haenes Haenes Methabelle
1961 John Hagen Hagen John
1958 Donna Hagen Hagen Donna
1956 Carol Hagen Hagen Carol
1968 Kay Lou Hagenau Hagenau Kay Lou
1966 Judith Ann Hagenau Hagenau Judith Ann
1936 Scott Hagenau Hagenau Scott
1935 Dale Hagenau Hagenau Dale
1929 Evelyn Hagenau Hagenau Evelyn
1968 Eugene Hahn Hahn Eugene
1965 Nelson Carl Hahn Hahn Nelson Carl
1964 Stanley Paul Hahn Hahn Stanley Paul
1962 Wilford Hahn Hahn Wilford A.
1960 Carol Lynn Hahn Hahn Carol Lynn
1957 James Hahn Hahn James
1941 Robert Hahn Hahn Robert
1932 Walter Hahn Hahn Walter farm, Bremen, IN - 1933 yb
1923 Myrtle Hahn Hahn Myrtle
1896 Freeman Hahn Hahn Freeman agriculturist, Bremen, IN - 1908 yb
1890 I.S. Hahn Hahn I.S. superintendent of schools, Culver, IN - 1908 yb; teacher, Galveston, IN - 1912 yb
1997 Amanda Hahn Hahn Amanda K.
1948 Donald Haiflich Haiflich Donald
1944 Bill Haiflich Haiflich Bill
2001 Foster Allen Haines Haines Foster Allen
2003 Heather Marie Haines Haines Heather Marie
1975 Westley Haining Haining Westley