BHS graduates with last names starting with F

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ClassDisplay NameLast NameFirst NameMarried NameNotes
1967 Jack Fore Fore Jack L.
1963 Jerry Fore Fore Jerry
1956 Don Fore Fore Don
1946 Eldon Fore Fore Eldon
1992 Joel Foreman Foreman Joel E.
1989 Wendy Foreman Foreman Wendy
1986 Leslie Foreman Foreman Leslie
1978 Steven Forsythe Forsythe Steven
1976 Penny Forsythe Forsythe Penny
1972 Adelle Forsythe Forsythe Adelle
1970 Cheryl Forsythe Forsythe Cheryl
1966 Stanley Earl Forsythe Forsythe Stanley Earl
1966 John Forsythe Forsythe John H.
1965 Linda Eileen Forsythe Forsythe Linda Eileen
1962 Vern Forsythe Forsythe Vern
1962 Robert Forsythe Forsythe Robert
1961 Carolyn Forsythe Forsythe Carolyn
1960 Sharon Louise Forsythe Forsythe Sharon Louise
1949 Arthur Forsythe Forsythe Arthur
1947 Mary Lou Forsythe Forsythe Mary Lou
1942 Blanche Forsythe Forsythe Blanche
2004 Arthur Wayne Forsythe Forsythe Arthur Wayne
2008 Sarah Jo Forsythe Forsythe Sarah Jo
2010 Meranda Forsythe Forsythe Meranda Sue
1982 Mark Forte Forte Mark
1978 Dennis Forte, Jr. Forte Dennis Jr.
1975 Debbie Forte Forte Debbie
1990 Steven Foster Foster Steven
1989 Kristine Foster Foster Kristine
1988 Sarah Foster Foster Sarah
1988 Christopher Foster Foster Christopher
1986 David Foster Foster David
1982 Ronald Foster Foster Ronald
1995 Phillip Devron Foster Foster Phillip Devron
2009 Joshua Foster Foster Joshua Wayne
2010 David Foster Foster David John Jr.
2013 Haley Rebecca Foster Foster Haley Rebecca
2013 Bradley Steven Foster Foster Bradley Steven
1971 Robert Dean Fowler, Jr. Fowler Robert Dean Jr.
1965 Phyllis Louise Fowler Fowler Phyllis Louise
1963 Janice Fowler Fowler Janice
1945 Mary Fowler Fowler Mary
2004 Sarah Fowler Fowler Sarah
1980 Julie Fox Fox Julie
1978 Susan Fox Fox Susan
1978 Bryan Fox Fox Bryan
1977 Steven Fox Fox Steven
1975 Chris Fox Fox Chris
1975 Cheryl Fox Fox Cheryl
1973 Debra Fox Fox Debra