BHS graduates with last names starting with F

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ClassDisplay NameLast NameFirst NameMarried NameNotes
2008 Julianne Kay Fair Fair Julianne Kay
2005 Markus Andrew Fair Fair Markus Andrew
2014 Jonathan Fanning Fanning Jonathan
2009 Benjamin Fanning Fanning Benjamin Andrew
2015 Karis Fanning Fanning Karis
2010 Leah Fanning Fanning Leah Jean
2011 Taylor Michael Fanning Fanning Taylor Michael
2012 Amelia Jane Fanning Fanning Amelia Jane
1987 Brenda Farley Farley Brenda
2008 Amber Nicole Farrar Farrar Amber Nicole
1970 John Farrell Farrell John
1991 Tony Dean Farrer, Jr. Farrer Tony Dean Jr.
1980 Melinda Farrer Farrer Melinda
1975 Jack Farrer Farrer Jack
1974 Monica Farrer Farrer Monica
1972 Patricia Farrer Farrer Patricia
1970 Donna Farrer Farrer Donna
1970 Beverly Farrer Farrer Beverly
1969 Tony Farrer Farrer Tony
1969 Linda Farrer Farrer Linda
1968 Randy Farrer Farrer Randy
1965 Kent Farrer Farrer Kent
1957 Don Farrer Farrer Don
1955 Jerry Farrer Farrer Jerry
1949 Pat Farrer Farrer Pat
1945 Dean Farrer Farrer Dean
2006 Holly Lynn Farrer Farrer Holly Lynn
2006 Candace Farrer Farrer Candace Noel
1974 Melanie Faulkner Faulkner Melanie
1973 Tamera Faulkner Faulkner Tamera
1998 Adam Faulstich Faulstich Adam M.
2000 Ryan David Faulstich Faulstich Ryan David
2001 Kevin Stuart Faulstich Faulstich Kevin Stuart
2002 Kyle Steven Faulstich Faulstich Kyle Steven
1981 Lisa Fear Fear Lisa
2015 Gabriel Fear Fear Gabriel
2001 Justin Feathers Feathers Justin P.
2001 Jason Feathers Feathers Jason C.
2003 Elizabeth Erin Feathers Feathers Elizabeth Erin
1989 Cory Fehr Fehr Cory
1986 Tammy Fehr Fehr Tamara
1979 Rodney Fehr Fehr Rodney
1917 Hermina Felden Felden Hermina Holderman changed "Hermena" to "Hermina" per 1921 yb and mother obit
1991 Jeffrey Feldman Feldman Jeffrey T.
1990 Jonathan Feldman Feldman Jonathan
1988 Sarah Feldman Feldman Sarah
1988 Mary Feldman Feldman Mary
1987 Beth Feldman Feldman Elizabeth
1986 Tim Feldman Feldman Timothy
1986 Annette Feldman Feldman Annette