BHS graduates with last names starting with E

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ClassDisplay NameLast NameFirst NameMarried NameNotes
1938 Roscoe Egger Egger Roscoe
1939 Helen Egger Egger Helen
1937 Geraldine Egger Egger Geraldine
1991 Suzan Michele Eggert Eggert Suzan Michele
1986 Bill Eggert Eggert William corrected from "Eqqert" by DJ
2008 William Gregory Eggert Eggert William Gregory
1972 Connie Ehret Ehret Connie
1972 Bonnie Ehret Ehret Bonnie
1970 Kay Ehret Ehret Kay
1967 Sherry Irene Ehret Ehret Sherry Irene
1998 Rachel Elizabeth Eichinger Eichinger Rachel Elizabeth
2004 Ruth Esther Eichinger Eichinger Ruth Esther
1944 Glen Eldridge Eldridge Glen
1982 Lee Ann Elliott Elliott Lee Ann
1979 Tracy Elliott Elliott Tracy
1974 Teri Elliott Elliott Teri
1962 Lawrence Elliott Elliott Lawrence
1939 Marjorie Elliott Elliott Marjorie
1951 Duwaine "Junior" Elliott Elliott Duwaine Jr. corrected from "Junior" by DJ
1935 Ethel Elliott Elliott Ethel
1934 Irving Elliott Elliott Irving
1923 Mildred Elliott Elliott Mildred
2007 Robbie Elliott Elliott Robert Daniel
1956 Carol Ellis Ellis Carol
1954 Patricia Ellis Ellis Patricia
1948 Wayne Ellis Ellis Wayne E
1931 Zita Ellis Ellis Zita South Bend, IN - 1933 yb
1927 Virgil Ellis Ellis Virgil
1925 Clyde Ellis Ellis Clyde
1923 Earl Ellis Ellis Earl
1922 Chester Ellis Ellis Chester
1920 Arno Ellis Ellis Arno
1919 Edna Ellis Ellis Edna
2000 Tecia Lyna Elston Elston Tecia Lyna
2004 Lacey Elizabeth Elston Elston Lacey Elizabeth
2003 Eric John Emans Emans Eric John
2008 Quenton Alexander Emberger Emberger Quenton Alexander
2000 Nicole Marie Emond Emond Nicole Marie
2003 Cassandra Lynn Emond Emond Cassandra Lynn
2003 Ashley Rose Emond Emond Ashley Rose
2015 Gracie Enamorado Enamorado Gracie
2012 Ruthie Irene Enamorado Enamorado Ruthie Irene
1969 Joyce Enders Enders Joyce
1958 Mary Enders Enders Mary
1938 Orville Enders Enders Orville
2010 Llene Enders Enders Llene Paige
1997 Nathan Engbrecht Engbrecht Nathan
2001 Aaron Jacob Engbrecht Engbrecht Aaron Jacob
2005 Rachel Anne Engbrecht Engbrecht Rachel Anne
1918 Lulu Engel Engel Lulu changed "Engle" to "Engel" per 1921 yb and obits