BHS graduates with last names starting with D

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ClassDisplay NameLast NameFirst NameMarried NameNotes
1982 Cynthia Duggins Duggins Cynthia
1944 Earl Duke Duke Earl
1924 Lorene Dumph Dumph Lorene
1913 Effie Dumph Dumph Effie Berg
1909 Walter Dumph Dumph Walter student at Greencastle, IN - 1912 yb
2008 Zachary Jordan Dumph Dumph Zachary Jordan
2011 Rebecca Lynn Dumph Dumph Rebecca Lynn
1974 Nancy Duncan Duncan Nancy
1970 William Duncan Duncan William
1932 Amos Duncan Duncan Amos farm, Bremen, IN - 1933 yb
2009 Charlie Dunning Dunning Charles Christopher
1919 Velma Dunnuck Dunnuck Velma changed "Dunnick" to "Dunnuck" per 1921 yb and obits
1919 Roscoe Dunnuck Dunnuck Roscoe changed "Dunnick" to "Dunnuck" per 1921 yb and obits
1918 Edna Dunnuck Dunnuck Edna changed "Dunnick" to "Dunnuck" per 1921 yb and obits
1916 Harley Dunnuck Dunnuck Harley changed "Dunnick" to "Dunnuck" per 1921 yb and obits
2014 Eric Duran Duran Eric
1995 Brent Durnph Durnph Brent
1897 Clarence Dutenhaver Dutenhaver Clarence rubber factory, Mishawaka, IN - 1908 yb
1978 Kathy Dutoi Dutoi Kathy
1957 Helen Dutoi Dutoi Helen
1953 Janice Dutoi Dutoi Janice
1951 Eugene Dutoi Dutoi Eugene
1948 Mary Lou Dutoi Dutoi Mary Lou
1947 Donald Dutoi Dutoi Donald
1964 Evelyn DuVal DuVal Evelyn
1989 Dana Dykstra Dykstra Dana
1987 Amy Dykstra Dykstra Amy