BHS graduates with last names starting with D

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ClassDisplay NameLast NameFirst NameMarried NameNotes
1984 Rhonda Dinkeldein Dinkeldein Rhonda
1978 Amy Dinkeldein Dinkeldein Amy
1975 Beth Dinkeldein Dinkeldein Beth
1973 Debra Dinkeldein Dinkeldein Debra
2010 Shelby Dirrim Dirrim Shelby Marie
2006 Stasha Dirrim Dirrim Stasha Nicole
2004 Kaci Disher Disher Kaci
1915 Blanche Ditty Ditty Blanche Hiester
1913 Roland Ditty Ditty Roland
1985 Kim Dobrunst Dobrunst Kimberly
1994 Kristine Renea Dobrunst Dobrunst Kristine Renea
1981 Lisa Dodson Dodson Lisa
1972 Roger Dodson Dodson Roger
1965 Richard Dodson Dodson Richard M.
1963 Carleen Dodson Dodson Carleen
2010 Alyssa Doll Doll Alyssa Renee
2011 Justin James Doll Doll Justin James
2013 Dillon James Doll Doll Dillon James
2000 David John Dommiack. Dommiack. David John
2011 Patrick Michael Donaghey Donaghey Patrick Michael
1995 Sara Lynn Donathen Donathen Sara Lynn
1999 Kent Adam Donathen Donathen Kent Adam
2002 Benjamin Ronald Donathen Donathen Benjamin Ronald
1938 Herman Dorff Dorff Herman
1940 Donna Dorff Dorff Donna
1998 Andreza Lia Gilveira dosSantos dosSantos Andreza Lia Gilveira
1950 Paul Dougherty Dougherty Paul
1928 Esther Dougherty Dougherty Esther
1925 Noble Dougherty Dougherty Noble
1983 Kevin Douglass Douglass Kevin
1970 Gary Douglass Douglass Gary
2011 Kelsey Renee Douglass Douglass Kelsey Renee
1978 Michael Downey Downey Michael
1977 William Downey Downey William
1973 Patrick Downey Downey Patrick
2003 Allen Curtis Downing Downing Allen Curtis
2005 Cynthia Ann Downing Downing Cynthia Ann
1976 Darrell Downs Downs Darrell
1952 Jim Drof Drof Jim
1966 Jo Lynn Drudge Drudge Jo Lynn
1960 Ann Kay Drudge Drudge Ann Kay
1958 Mary Drudge Drudge Mary
1938 Lowell Drudge Drudge Lowell
1939 Junior Drudge Drudge Junior
1950 Dorlyn Drudge Drudge Dorlyn
1944 Richard Drudge Drudge Richard
1942 Donnabelle Drudge Drudge Donnabelle
2002 Mark Edward Druzbicki Druzbicki Mark Edward
1942 Arline Duganne Duganne Arline
1988 Glynes Duggins Duggins Glynes