BHS graduates with last names starting with C

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ClassDisplay NameLast NameFirst NameMarried NameNotes
1982 Scott Cripe Cripe Scott
1977 Patricia Cripe Cripe Patricia
1973 Kay Cripe Cripe Kay
1972 Karen Cripe Cripe Karen
1964 Patrick Cripe Cripe Patrick
1959 Mike Cripe Cripe Mike
1958 Tom Cripe Cripe Tom
1958 Marylin Cripe Cripe Marylin
1955 Donald Cripe Cripe Donald
1948 Neil Cripe Cripe Neil
1945 Donna Cripe Cripe Donna
1929 Paul Cripe Cripe Paul
1964 Mark Crittenden Crittenden Mark
1961 John Crittenden Crittenden John
1957 Stephen Crittenden Crittenden Stephen
1936 Martha Crittenden Crittenden Martha
1931 Paul Crittenden Crittenden Paul Bremen, IN - 1933 yb
1930 James Crittenden Crittenden James Bremen, IN - 1933 yb
1983 Luann Crothers Crothers Luann
1972 Janet Crothers Crothers Janet
1970 Ginger Crothers Crothers Ginger
1968 Jennifer Croussore Croussore Jennifer
1955 Mary Croussore Croussore Mary
1953 Pat Croussore Croussore Pat
1979 John Crowe Crowe John
1976 Arlene Crowe Crowe Arlene
1960 Violet Charlene Crowel Crowel Violet Charlene
1951 Kenneth Crowel Crowel Kenneth
1989 Patricia Crum Crum Patricia
2008 Sarai Cruz Cruz Sarai
2015 Liliana Cruz Cruz Liliana
2012 Jose Cruz Cruz Jose
2013 Saira Cruz Cruz Saira
2005 Lorena Cruz Cruz Lorena
2014 Allison Cullers Cullers Allison N
1917 Sarah Culp Culp Sarah
1985 Lisa Cumberledge Cumberledge Lisa
1982 Rebecca Cumberledge Cumberledge Rebecca
1981 Deborah Cumberledge Cumberledge Deborah
1984 Marilyn Cunningham Cunningham Marilyn
2003 Matthew Steven Cunningham Cunningham Matthew Steven
2008 Cory Richard Cunningham Cunningham Cory Richard
2010 Nathanael Cunningham Cunningham Nathanael Ray
2006 Jessica Cunningham Cunningham Jessica Marie
1973 Linda Cureton Cureton Linda
2002 Matthew Ryan Curtis Curtis Matthew Ryan
2003 Katherine Alisabeth Curtis Curtis Katherine Alisabeth
1995 Michael Dean Czajkowski Czajkowski Michael Dean II corrected from "CzajkowskiI" - DJ
2015 Rachael Czarnecki Czarnecki Rachael M