BHS graduates with last names starting with C

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ClassDisplay NameLast NameFirst NameMarried NameNotes
1967 Allan Bacher Christen Christen Allan J. Bacher
1976 Gary Chrzan Chrzan Gary
1993 Carla Jean Chrzan Chrzan Carla Jean
2011 Ariel Skye Chrzan Chrzan Ariel Skye
2005 Nicholas George Chrzan Chrzan Nicholas George
1946 Norma Church Church Norma
2005 Nicholas William-Allen Clabaugh Clabaugh Nicholas William-Allen
2006 Ashley Clabaugh Clabaugh Ashley Ann
1970 Judith Claeys Claeys Judith
1965 Brian Eugene Claeys Claeys Brian Eugene
1982 Roger Clark Clark Roger
1980 Shelley Clark Clark Shelley
1980 Richard Clarke Clarke Richard
1977 Gerald Clarke, Jr. Clarke Gerald Jr.
1977 Cynthia Clarke Clarke Cynthia
1975 Robert Clarke Clarke Robert
1990 Jennifer Clauss Clauss Jennifer
1972 Susan Clauss Clauss Susan
1968 Mary Clauss Clauss Mary
1968 Marcia Clauss Clauss Marcia
1965 Theresa Kay Clauss Clauss Theresa Kay
1962 Rosalie Clauss Clauss Rosalie
1960 Phillip John Clauss Clauss Phillip John
1958 Judy Clauss Clauss Judy
1941 Doris Ellen Clauss Clauss Doris Ellen
1992 Philip Clauss Clauss Philip A.
1993 Timothy Clauss Clauss Timothy A.
1994 Gregory Clauss Clauss Gregory A.
1943 Eugene Clemens Clemens Eugene
2000 Christopher Cleveland Cleveland Christopher M.
2005 Nathan Cleveland Cleveland Nathan L.
2012 Katrina Louise Clevenger Clevenger Katrina Louise
1950 Doris Clindaniel Clindaniel Doris
1946 James Allen Clindaniel Clindaniel James Allen
1970 William Cline Cline William
1938 Kenneth Cline Cline Kenneth
1927 Richard Cline Cline Richard
1926 Fern Cline Cline Fern
1923 Laola Cline Cline Laola
1921 Lucile Cline Cline Lucile
1909 Lulu Cline Cline Lulu nurse, South Bend, IN - 1912 yb (spelled "Kline")
2011 Austin Michael Clinger Clinger Austin Michael
2012 Kayla Marie Clinger Clinger Kayla Marie
1990 Jenni Clingerman Clingerman Jenni
1989 Kelly Coblentz Coblentz Kelly
1986 Ron Coblentz Coblentz Ron
1985 Don Coblentz Coblentz Donald
2009 Chelsea Coblentz Coblentz Chelsea Judith
1986 Brian Cochran Cochran Brian
1954 Clarence Cochran Cochran Clarence