BHS graduates with last names starting with B

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ClassDisplay NameLast NameFirst NameMarried NameNotes
1989 Daniel Beath, Jr. Beath Daniel Jr.
1999 Sarah Esther Beath Beath Sarah Esther
1999 Sarah Marie Beaver Beaver Sarah Marie
1979 Gonzalo Becerra Becerra Gonzalo
1933 Robert Becker Becker Robert
1932 Dorothy Becker Becker Dorothy Bremen, IN - 1933 yb
1929 Bernard Becker Becker Bernard
1925 Lawrence Becker Becker Lawrence
2014 Hannah Becker Becker Hannah
1960 Kenneth Becknell Becknell Kenneth
1959 Fred Becknell Becknell Fred
1958 Freda Becknell Becknell Freda
1954 Doris Becknell Becknell Doris
1952 Irene Becknell Becknell Irene
1948 Donna Becknell Becknell Donna
1982 Scott Beehler Beehler Scott
1954 Roger Beehler Beehler Roger
1971 Ardale Leman Beer Beer Ardale Leman
1969 Joseph Beer Beer Joseph
1966 John Leman Beer Beer John Leman
1964 Jane Beer Beer Jane
1989 Brent Beery Beery Brent
1986 Shawn Beery Beery Shawn
1981 Gina Beery Beery Gina
1975 Kimberly Beery Beery Kimberly
1974 Gloria Beery Beery Gloria
1972 Dennis Beery Beery Dennis
1970 Edward Beery Beery Edward
1992 Amy Louise Beery Beery Amy Louise
1989 Ryan Beeson Beeson Ryan
1965 Barry Bartlett Beeson Beeson Barry Bartlett
1992 Chad Taylor Beeson Beeson Chad Taylor
2015 Branson Beeson Beeson Branson
1990 Robert Bellman Bellman Robert
1990 Bryan Bellman Bellman Bryan
1987 Jodi Bellman Bellman Jodi
1987 Jim Bellman Bellman James
1984 Stuart Bellman Bellman Stuart
1984 Scott Bellman Bellman Scott
1979 Schona Bellman Bellman Schona
1978 Sandra Bellman Bellman Sandra
1971 Bonnie Lou Bellman Bellman Bonnie Lou
1966 Diann Nannette Bellman Bellman Diann Nannette
1962 Rick Bellman Bellman Rick E.
1959 Roy Bellman Bellman Roy
1959 Lester Bellman Bellman Lester
1958 Keith Bellman Bellman Keith
1958 Connie Bellman Bellman Connie
1939 Evelyn Bellman Bellman Evelyn
1937 Gertrude Bellman Bellman Gertrude