BHS graduates with last names starting with B

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ClassDisplay NameLast NameFirst NameMarried NameNotes
1950 Robert Babcock Babcock Robert
1984 Lisa Back Back Lisa
1978 Rebecca Back Back Rebecca
2012 Samantha Joe Back Back Samantha Joe
1941 William Backhoff Backhoff William
1983 Ira Baconguis Baconguis Ira
2008 Courtney Lauren Bahr Bahr Courtney Lauren
2009 Matthew Bahr Bahr Matthew Christian
2011 Kelly Nicole Bahr Bahr Kelly Nicole
2015 Brooke Bahr Bahr Brooke
1991 Jason Bailey Bailey Jason L.
1989 Chad Bailey Bailey Chad
1986 Marla Bailey Bailey Marla
1982 Stephanie Bailey Bailey Stephanie
1978 Kirk Bailey Bailey Kirk
1958 Nancy Bailey Bailey Nancy
1951 Paul Bailey Bailey Paul
1947 Betty Bailey Bailey Betty
1993 Angela Free Bailey Bailey Angela Free
1993 Amanda Kay Bailey Bailey Amanda Kay
2014 Elizabeth Bailey Bailey Elizabeth H
2007 Alissa Bailey Bailey Alissa Sarah
2009 Brittany Bailey Bailey Brittany Anne
2010 Marvin Bailey Bailey Marvin Keith Jr.
2015 Joseph Thomas Bailey Bailey Joseph Thomas
2012 Saylor Lynn Bailey Bailey Saylor Lynn
2013 Alyssa Kay Bailey Bailey Alyssa Kay
1957 Rosemary Baird Baird Rosemary
1952 John Baird Baird John
1962 Eric Bait Bait Eric
1966 Linda Diane Bak Bak Linda Diane
1957 Harvey Bak Bak Harvey
1955 Rita Bak Bak Rita
1953 Nancy Bak Bak Nancy
1950 Martina Bak Bak Martina
1939 Dale Baker Baker Dale
1991 Chad Baker Baker Chad A.
1989 Michelle Baker Baker Michelle
1989 Kristen Baker Baker Kristen
1988 Gale Baker Baker Gale
1982 Ty Baker Baker Ty
1981 Jamie Baker Baker Jamie
1980 Troy Baker Baker Troy
1977 Traci Baker Baker Traci
1976 Tami Baker Baker Tami
1975 Kenneth Baker Baker Kenneth
1973 Patricia Baker Baker Patricia
1971 Kathleen Marie Baker Baker Kathleen Marie
1970 James Baker Baker James
1968 Margery Baker Baker Margery