BHS graduates with last names starting with A

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ClassDisplay NameLast NameFirst NameMarried NameNotes
1978 Gwendolyn Andrews Andrews Gwendolyn
1973 Gloria Andrews Andrews Gloria
1970 Dennis Andrews Andrews Dennis
1967 Janice Marie Andrews Andrews Janice Marie
1966 Cynthia Diane Andrews Andrews Cynthia Diane
1964 Mardell Andrews Andrews Mardell
1962 George Andrews Andrews George
1961 Keith Andrews Andrews Keith
1957 Joyce Andrews Andrews Joyce
1956 June Andrews Andrews June
1994 Joseph Andrews Andrews Joseph S.
2008 Jennifer Kay Andrews Andrews Jennifer Kay
2012 Mitchell Dale Andrews Andrews Mitchell Dale
2006 Martin Andrews Andrews Martin James
1976 Debra Anglemeyer Anglemeyer Debra
1974 Virgil Anglemeyer Anglemeyer Virgil
1979 Jeffrey Anglemyer Anglemyer Jeffrey
1981 Daniel Anglemyer Anglemyer Daniel
1979 Steven Anglemyer Anglemyer Steven
1998 Aaron Anglemyer Anglemyer Aaron L.
2000 Andrew Arthur Anglemyer Anglemyer Andrew Arthur
1990 Robin Anglin Anglin Robin
1968 Franklin Anglin Anglin Franklin
1967 Juanita Irene Anglin Anglin Juanita Irene
1964 Eldon Anglin Anglin Eldon
1961 Georgie Anglin Anglin Georgie
1992 Jon Anglin Anglin Jon N.
2008 Brittney Paige Anglin Anglin Brittney Paige
2012 Chelsea Ann Anglin Anglin Chelsea Ann
2005 Jarryd Franklin Anglin Anglin Jarryd Franklin
1984 Michelle Annis Annis Michelle
1954 Barbara Annis Annis Barbara
1942 Samuel Annis Annis Samuel
1942 Alberta Annis Annis Alberta
1941 Virginia Annis Annis Virginia
1940 Beverly Annis Annis Beverly
1934 Martha Annis Annis Martha
1929 Helen Annis Annis Helen
1922 Leah Annis Annis Leah
1919 Ethel Annis Annis Ethel
1917 Foster Annis Annis Foster
1915 Evan Annis Annis Evan
1913 Howard Annis Annis Howard
1911 Ernest Annis Annis Ernest O. agriculturist, Bremen, IN - 1912 yb
1909 Walter Annis Annis Walter teacher, South Bend Business College - 1912 yb
1909 Arthur Annis Annis Arthur teacher, Bremen, IN - 1912 yb
2005 Erin Marie Anson Anson Erin Marie
1992 Amber Marie Antoine Antoine Amber Marie
1976 Gary Antosh Antosh Gary
1976 Fredly Antosh Antosh Fredly